Christians Can’t Drink Starbucks….

3 06 2013

In my afternoon wandering I came across an article that was a summary of a sermon from someone named David Barton.  His premise was that since Starbucks actively supports gay marriage we, as Christians, are not allowed to drink Sbux lest .15 or .05 goes to overturning traditional marriage.  Oh man, I’m going to die.  No, literally.  I start off everyday with at least 4 shots of espresso from my neighborhood Sbux.  I generally follow this up with a cup or two of the different blends from the Keurig that is sitting a few steps away from my desk.  So death, I suppose, is imminent.  

Here’s the thing though, I don’t agree with his thesis at all.  Does eating Chick Fil A make me a better Christian?  Does not drinking Starbucks make me anything but irritable?  It seems to me that we make these very sweeping generalizations, loud proclamations, and all along we are forgetting that none of these actions make us believers or “Christians”.  In fact, it could be, that taking these actions, boycotts and other nonsense, push us even further away from the true defining marks of being Christlike.  

I’ll loop back around here in a minute, but let me have a Garrison Keiler moment if you would be so kind.  Here’s a not so complete list of companies you should be avoiding as well as Starbucks if you are intent on distancing yourself from those that have publicly stated their support for same-sex marriage.  You ready?  This is going to hurt you worse than it hurts me….

Starbucks.  Target.  Betty Crocker. Oreo (I just lost quite a few of you).  Levi’s.  Cheerios.  Disney World and Disney Land (wherever will you go on vacation?).  Tide.  Apple.  Microsoft.  Pampers.  Pepsi.  Safeway.  Crest.  Pillsbury.  Macy’s (I’m okay with this one…). Ford.   Walgreens.  

That is not a complete list by any stretch of the imagination.  Just a quick web search will bring up almost every large company in America.  So if you don’t want to be a hypocrite and want to stop drinking Starbucks, well, you’re going to need to throw all of these other companies on your boycott list.  Good luck with that.  

I understand, no really, I do understand the initial “outrage”.  As Christian’s we feel like we are being attacked, our values, our beliefs, are under fire and we/they are.  But we were never supposed to look toward the world as validation for our beliefs.  Somewhere we, as Christians, lost what it meant to be followers of Christ.  We have thought that by expressing outrage, marching on Washington DC, ranting on social media, writing letters to our congressmen and women, that we would be able to stem the tide.  But none of that is going to change a single thing.  

There is only one thing, ONE thing, that Jesus said would show the world that we were His.  John 13:35.  How does boycotting Starbucks help this?  How does ranting help this?  

We aren’t called to boycott.  We aren’t shown to be disciples by lifting banners and marching on DC.  You show people that you follow Christ by loving your fellow Christians and extending that love to every other person you come into contact with.  

Can you do this and still believe that sin is sin and that wrong is wrong?  Of course you can.  

You see, the issue here isn’t Starbucks, Target or Ford.  It’s us.  It’s easier to be outraged than it is to pray.  It’s easier to be offended than it is to love.  Yes, our world is desperately wicked and corrupt.  Yes, we absolutely have to be on the precipice of the return of the Lord.  All of those things are true.  But boycotting Starbucks won’t be what gets you into Heaven.  


Things that I’ve been thinking….

24 08 2010

Recently I’ve run into a rash of people saying either, “it’s harder now than ever before”, or “you youngsters don’t know what hardship really is”.  Really?  I believe that when placed into proper context, it is neither easier or harder to do anything, now than it ever has been.  Let me explain…..

When this sentiment is expressed in regards to “living for God” it makes me want to vomit.  It is no harder or easier to live for God than it ever has been.  Young people like to take the position that their Pentecostal ancestors had it easier.  They say things like, “my parents didn’t have to deal with the sex, drugs and rock and roll”.  Youth pastors mistakenly enable their students by saying “I don’t know how you deal with it.”  Come on!  I have never had someone throw rotten tomatoes at me or consider me devil possessed because I speak in tongues.  Was it easier to live for God then?  Is it harder now?  The answer is no.  I may have some different, key word different, things that I have to deal with but they are not necessarily more difficult or easier than previous generations. 

On the other hand, I’m tired of being denigrated by people who say that their experience is harder than I have it.  Granted, I’ve always had air conditioning, nice clothes, a nice car, etc.  I’ve always attended a church that had a/c, was indoors, and on the “right side of the tracks”.  Does this make my experience with God less?  I’ve heard it suggested to be so.  It has been suggested that my relationship isn’t as deep because I didn’t “suffer” enough or sacrifice enough.  It’s insulting.  It’s offensive.  And I’m tired of it. 

I am incredibly thankful for the foundation that my ancestors laid.  I will always be grateful.  The things that we are doing now wouldn’t have ever been possible without the foundation that I mentioned earlier.  It is my intention to continue to build on that. 

It’s no easier.  It’s no harder.  Everyone has their own cross to bear.

trying to get back on track

10 08 2010

   I haven’t blogged in forever.  Understatement?  Maybe.  Now that I’ve decided to blog again I have not a single thought in my head.  Seriously.  My brain is blank.  My cranium is empty.  And of course while I wasn’t blogging I had all sorts of ideas and posts and books that I wanted to write.  I suppose I’ll just have to get back in the “swing” of things and start writing my thoughts out in this forum instead of just in 140 characters.

Maybe I’m back

27 07 2010

Been thinking of starting back up.  Can’t really decide if I want to or not.  Hmm. Decisions, decisions.

Taking a break

10 03 2009

The headline says it all.  I’m taking a break from blogging for a while.  I will blog again in the future but right now I have absolutely no time.  I know, I know.  We make time for the things we love.  Well….I really like blogging but love might be going a bit far.  Right now I seem to be so busy that I don’t know whether I’m coming or going.  So to all of you fellow bloggers, sayonara for a bit.  Take care.  Talk to you later.

Tired of it….

19 02 2009

I like to think of myself as a pretty sympathetic person.  Not to quick to judge or jump on people.  I have been know to complain a bit but that’s just because of my bloodlines.  Ha.  However, I do have to say that I am tired of something.  People who have wild animals should not be allowed to proclaim loudly that they had “NO IDEA” this sort of thing could happen.  Wild animals do not belong in neighborhoods and houses.  Tigers, lions, bears, leopards, cheetahs, Grizzlies, wildebeests, african water buffalo, wolves, snakes, chimpanzees, baboons, whales, sharks, etc are not for your pet pleasure.  These animals tend to view humans as a tasty snack, a little hors d’voures if you will.  I do have sympathy in my heart for the poor lady who had her face ripped off.  She was the neighbor, not the owner.  But isn’t that what usually happens?  Some poor child or neighbor have the misfortune of becoming  lunch for the roaring lion or ravenous tiger. 

But what really drives me nuts, I mean absolute bonkers, is the people who own the animal then go on all of the tv shows and say things like, “He was such a nice tiger.”  Or, “I could never imagine my chimp doing such a thing.”  And then of course they sob and boo hoo and get off with a light slap on the wrist.  It’s dumb.  I think they should be sued for all they are worth and then they should be slapped with something like criminal negligence. 

And please, all of you animal activists, don’t write and say something stupid.  Yes, if we go into their element then we deserve to be eaten.  This isn’t a discourse against the animals but the idiots that own them. 

Take the animals out to the jungle where they belong.

Its been a while, eh?

13 02 2009

Trying to tap into my inner Canadian.  “Come in from oot side.  You’re going to get coold.”  Not bad, eh? 

Now that the foolishness is out of the way….ah, who are we trying to kid here?  It’s all foolishness.  There have been somethings in the news that I haven’t commented on and some thoughts banging around in the old noggin that need to come out.  Let the games begin.

Sully, you’re the man.  Yeah, yeah, I know.  I’m way late in saying this but that dude can be my pilot anytime.  I’m going to NYC in a few weeks and I’d prefer him to be the pilot just in case an enormous flock of birds….BIRDS?? comes around my plane.  Since we all now know that a seagull can tear up an engine something fierce, I propose that we have a few gun toting rednecks sit on the wings with shotguns.  All we’ll have to tell them is that they can shoot all the birds their little redneck hearts desire and they’ll be building duck blinds on the end of the wings in no time.  

Welcome to the United Socialist States of America.  400 million for STD’s?  No problem!  8 billion to make federal buildings green?  Kermit, come on down.  7 million for fish migration?  Little fishies get to swim to their hearts content!  Come on!  Is there anybody else that realizes that this bill is simply the Democrats pet projects that have been laying around for the last 8 years that they couldn’t get passed.  Sure, I’m all for building up the infrastructure of this country.  Anyone who was on that bridge in Minnesota would agree with me too.  However, stop trying to tell us that you’re trying to stimulate the economy by doing all of this.  Yeah, there are going to be a few jobs created but we all know what this is.  It’s pork at it’s finest!  Anybody who has ever taken an economics class in high school or college knows that the only proven way to stimulate true and lasting growth is to cut taxes permanently.  How long until we start calling our President the Premier?  We couldn’t even join the E.U. because our debt to GDP ratio is so high.  And we call them Socialists?

For most people February is the slowest month of the year.  Not for me.  Whew,we are busy.  Ministry Fair next Wednesday night, revival this Sunday.  Lots of great things happening at TPC.  It is so exciting to see the growth that is happening around here. 

I’m going to New York City in just a few weeks.  Excited.

The no fun police has relented and allowed me access to the blog and FaceBook while still at work so I should be able to post more frequently now.  Work?  HA! 

Just read a fantastic article on about the farce that is Valentines Day.  It’s a must read.   The author is a former minister by the name of Roland Martin.  Check it out when you get a chance.  Guys I must say that we get hammered on V Day. 

I’m annoyed about the inequity of being off for MLK day and not getting off of work for either Washington’s or Lincoln’s birthday.  And no, President’s day is not an acceptable compromise.  That is the day we celebrate all of our Presidents.  Surely Lincoln deserves his own day!?

I used way to many exclamation points during this post and for that I will censor myself. 

Loving the weather today.  Cold, rainy with snow on the mountain peaks.  Beautiful.  We are finally getting some snow in the Sierra’s which will mean a trip to ski soon.  Just gotta find the time.