Hello world!

27 02 2007

Just read the comment page.  It speaks for itself.  I will get better at this, I Promise.




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27 02 2007

So I was thinking:

I will join the blogosphere and tell the world how I feel about certain matters that are going on. I am sure that everyone out there that will read this will be amazed at the dexterity of my mind and all the brilliant thoughts that will pop out of me. Actually, those of you who know me are probably thinking, Than actually uses his brain? He actually thinks? I know, I know. It is a novel idea but I have recently decided to think out loud about things and to post them in this here blog (my Texas roots will always run deep).

I am sure that you are asking this question: what exactly in Nathaniel James Hurst going to write about? Well that is a good question. I have a unique view on the world. Hopefully you will come to see that my sense of humor has many facets. I love sarcasm, I love campy humor, I just really like to laugh about things. However, it will not all be comedy. I do have a deeper side. An intellectual side (and if I just misspelled intellectual I am an idiot). Oh well you can kind of see what I mean.

Feel free to check out my blog at any time. See looking at me just inviting the world into my life. That is something that is relatively new for me you see. I’m real good at just closing myself off from the world in general. Whoa, whoa there Trigger. Not in a weird way. I’m not the next Unabomber or anything like that, I just tend to bury myself into my own life and not come out for a while. I’m sure that you have all done the same.

So hopefully I can bring “some sunshine” into your life. And I just realized that I posted this entire piece under comments. I just submitted a comment to a blog that I haven’t even written yet. Man am I good or what? So long, I’ve embarassed myself enough for the day.

27 02 2007

Hey Nathaniel! LOL! You’ve already made me LAUGH! I love your sense of humor and I love you! You’re a GREAT GUY! I’m looking forward to all of your posts. I am adding you to my page so come by and visit me often. Ok? Love you bunches!!!

Aunt Linda

27 02 2007
Karla Holley

Nathaniel – you are just too cute!!! LOL! Welcome to blogging. I can’t wait to read your thoughts! Love you TONS!!

28 02 2007
Gene Holley, Jr.

LOL! I love your comment on your non-post!!! You are off to a great start. You ARE a great guy and we look forward to your view of the world. JJJEEESSSS!

28 02 2007

Than, you are too funny! You made me laugh so hard when I read your last paragraph. You’ll learn – I mean, your Mom is a pro so she can give you some help. I’m looking forward to reading your blog. Have fun!
Love you lots,

2 03 2007

Than, Welcome to the blogging world. Your wit and wisdom will be much appreciated I’m sure. Keep it up because it’s really fun.

8 03 2007

Than, You made me laugh, (again) I don’t normally read blogs but I heard you had one and the curiosity got the best of me. Good Luck with your writings. Keep on smiling, your better looking that way LOL.

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