What a world we live in!!

3 03 2007

So I was thinking: again (I’m starting to get good at this)

 About the world we live in and particulary our society here in the United States of America.  What you may ask has brought on this epidemic of thinking?  Funny you should ask and to be truthful, Anna Nicole Smith, Brittney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Mel Gibson, et al.  Now I know what you are thinking, but give me a chance to explain. 

 We live in a world that glorifies everything the above mentioned people, and anyone who happens to attain “fame” for even 15 seconds, do wrong.  Well, maybe glorifies is not the right word.  We seem to love to watch these people mess up.  I don’t know about you but it would be nice to turn on the radio, internet or t.v. and not here about Anna Nicole Smith.  Who’s the father, when will she be buried (I know yesterday), what happened.  Here’s my question, WHO CARES AND WHY?  She is just a person who has made some horrible choices in life and now she has passed away.  I don’t need to be blasted with this every day. 

 Let me tell you just how far this has gone.  I work in the financial arena.  I take people’s money and make them millionaires!! Before this last week when the stock market went off the cliff like a lemming, there was actually talk that the market might have a slowdown because of ANNA NICOLE SMITH AND BRITTNEY SPEARS and there escapades.  I promise this is true.  The people who are supposedly much smarter than you and I, (whatever), were debating that these 2 women might be able to slow down the economy.  ARE YOU STINKING KIDDING ME.  (Well yes Mrs. Higgenbotham, your portfolio did lose 250,00.  Its not my fault, its Brittney Spears fault)  How well do you think that would work.  Not very I imagine.

 Let me tell you where I stand on this whole issue.  First of all, I could care less.  Mel Gibson’s opinion’s when he is liquored up have no bearing on my life.  Neither does Britney shaving her head.  Or how many rehab session’s Lindsay Lohan goes in and out of.  I have so much more important things to do (like hmmm, wash my car in the rain, etc.).  Secondly, I just think that it is tradgic that we care so much.  Third, who is looking out for these peoples children.  (how would you like Britney to be your mommy?)  

 Now finally this, why do we spend so much time looking at people who fall down.  I know that when someone trips down the stairs we all get a good laugh (at least my sick self thinks that it could be at least a little funny).  But this is not funny, interesting or anything of the sort.  What kind of society do we live in that we even care?  Why does the news lead with these things?  Quick someone tell me something good that they heard on the news today.  Anyone, Anyone, Bueller, Anyone?  You can’t because we don’t report the good things.  We only report whats wrong in society and what is wrong in government and the economy and anything else that we can think of.  This is not what we are supposed to do.  The Bible specifically tells us to think on GOOD THINGS.  Does anyone wonder why our children turn out the way they do when this trash is bandied about on every news station? 

 Maybe I am way off base but I don’t think so.  Tell the people you love to think about the good things in life.  I promise you that you will feel better when the day is done. 

 Thanks so much for stopping by.  Have a great weekend.  




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3 03 2007

That is because the media needs alot of attention. Showing dolphins swimming joyfully in the ocean 24/7 would not attract lots of consumers
A quick note aside: if all stations would, people would watch it still. And if a dolphin suddenly would eat a fish, i am sure stock exchange would get into heavy trouble about this news.

It’s media that hypes the things. People see what they are shown and don’t use their own heads enough to question what they are shown. Thats how weird stuff like this comes to happen: people seriously talking about Annas rotting corpse affecting the market.

For good news, at least something that made me feel happy today: http://armoks.com/2007/03/03/holi-festival-of-colors-look-at-the-splashing-of-colors/

It’s small and rare seeds of joy in this world that still make it all somehow a nice place to stay and enjoy. And hunting for these seeds is the greatest quest to take ever.

3 03 2007

Than, you are so right! There’s a song that says, “I really could use a little good news today”. The good news today for me is: GOD IS GOOD…..ALL THE TIME!

3 03 2007
Gene Holley, Jr.

I really enjoyed your take on all of this! So true. Keep thinking and I’ll listen in!

3 03 2007

I agree. Glad to hear your thoughts on this.

7 03 2007

HaHa…so I totally caught the “Bueller” joke. Very true.

7 03 2007

Than, we haven’t heard from you in at least 32 hours! What’s up??? Listen, about Anna Nicole Smith, I think it’s a tragic comedy and I think they should hold back on the DNA testing to see how many more men would like to step forward and claim parental responsibilities for her daughter. The Britney stories bore me to tears, but to think that a Vickie Lynn Hogan could go from flunking out of her freshman year of high school, working at Jim’s Krispy Fried Chicken, marrying a 16 year old boy when she was 17 and then be a surgically enhanced, bleached blond exotic dancer Anna Nicole Smith posing for Playboy and carry on affairs with, well let’s see how many men have said they could be the father?
1.Howard K. Stern (her lawyer)
2.Larry Birkhead (ex-boyfriend)
3.Frederic Prinz von Anhalt (Zsa Zsa Gabor’s husband)
4.Alexander Denk (bodyguard)
5.Mark Hatten (former lover, now in prison for stalking her?) via sperm donation???
6. O.J. Simpson (I’m not even going to comment)
7. J.Howard Marshall (ex-husband, ewww) via frozen sperm, this one could be a hoax.

C’mon Than, let’s admit this is sadly funny even if it does belong in the Drudge Report.
Glad to see you are blogging. I guess my blog for the day is this comment.

8 03 2007

Oops I left my comment in Feb.

12 07 2007

Than, are you every going to blog again?!
Love, Sis. Tena

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