I’m baaacccck!!!!!1

23 10 2007

Below is a excerpt of the interview that I had with Larry King when he heard that I was contemplating making a come back to the world of blogging.  Enjoy.  For the full interview visit CNN.com. 

 Larry:  Than welcome to the show!

Than: It’s great to be here Larry and may I say, those are quite the suspenders that you are wearing.

Larry: Thank you.  So, you are thinking of making a comeback.  Why? Why now? And what can we expect?

Than: Well Larry, I just thought that there was a dirth of good material out there.  Most people tend to prattle on about nothing at all and I wanted to put some substance back into the world of blogging, into the “blogosphere” if you will.

Larry: What made you decide to quit back in March.  I mean this is quite the extended absence that you have taken.

Than: Larry there were quite a few things that made me stop blogging.  First, I kinda felt like it was for old people.  You know the kind of people who fall down and break elbows, and people with grandchildren.  Also, my multiple personalities couldn’t get along well enough but we’ve fixed that now. 

Larry:Do you feel like you’re up to to challenge?

Than:  Well I guess that we’re just gonna have to see.  I’m looking forward to trying at least.

DISCLAIMER: If you do not enjoy stupid, sarcastic and acerbic wit do not read this blog.  It may cause you to go into bout’s of uncontrollable “what did he just say and mean by that” fits.  May cause headache’s, nausea, and cancer. No animals were harmed in the making of this blog.

Obviously, as you can tell I have serious problems.  However, I just enjoy being me and that means that I like to laugh and I like to laugh at a lot of different stuff.  Sometime’s things that are funny to me are not funny to other people.  Hopefully that won’t be the case all the time, but I promise you it will happen occasionaly. 

 Now on to the good stuff.  We are in revival with Tim Williams, an evangelist from Kilgore, TX.  It has been phenomonal with several receiving the holy ghost and miracles happening in bunches.  You can read about the miracle of God healing my mom’s broken arm on her blog listed to the side. 

This past weekend was fantastically fantastic (my favorite new phrase that I’ve just thought up and have patented so leave it alone).  Friday night was Maximum Velocity.  I won’t spend a lot of time on that because I forgot to go into the service. OOPS!!  Saturday evening was the Stewardship Missions Conference in Modesto, CA at Modesto Revival Center pastored by Bro. Randy Keyes and Todd Johnson.  Wow.  The music was outstanding and the choir was unbelievable.  I don’t even want to know how long it took to get the song that they sang.  Bro. Jeff Morgan from Orange County preached the exact message for my life that night.  It was on faith and it really ministered to me.  So much so that I went to the altar and prayed.  I know, I know but it is true.  It does happen.  I was really touched that night. 

 Then Sunday.  Read the full account over at mom’s blog.  She was healed, we suspended normal procedure and God really moved.  Several received the Holy Ghost in spite of the shoes that Tim Williams was wearing.  Quick aside, the shoe’s that he wore last night were terrible. I told him to his face so it’s ok to write it here.  They look like zebra stripes gone wrong, with long pointy toes that could have killed a cock roach in the corner with room to spare.  NO self-respecting man wears those shoes.  And what maybe worse is he brags about owning over 50 pairs of shoes.  DUDE!  I have like maybe 8 pair of shoes including running shoes, boots, loafers and golf shoes.  Dude’s only need one pair of brown and one pair of black for dress.  Seriously, if you ever see me in shoes like that, shoot me twice in the head.  Twice to make sure the job is done.  No jury on earth will convict you. 

Anyway, it’s good to be back.  I’ll have more for you next time.  Late.




10 responses

23 10 2007
Steve Saiz


Glad you are back! Looking forward to all the great posts that will be coming to us from the great district of the north!

Steve and Debbie Saiz

23 10 2007

Welcome BAAACCCCKKKKKKK, Nathaniel! I’ll definitely be checking up on you now! Love you!

24 10 2007
Don Ryan

Completely agree. No man should have more than eight pairs of shoes. Glad you’re back.

24 10 2007
Gene Holley, Jr.

HEY!! I actually enjoyed this post. And…I agree on the shoes! Looking forward your rants and raves.

24 10 2007
Karla Holley

I think I find most of the same things funny that you do. LOL!! SOOOOOO glad you’re back!!! Love you tons!

24 10 2007

I liked his shoes. I did not like his tie.
Glad you are back!
Love you!

24 10 2007
Jana Allard

Okay, curiosity is just about to kill me!!! Post a pic of the dangdoodle shoes and tie. Sounds about like something Bryce would wear! Oh, heavens!!! I thought there was only one Bryce. Scary to think there may be another that dresses as far out as he.

25 10 2007

Sis. Jana, I think Bryce has found his competition. My son Kyle is in the same boat. They’re not afraid to be themselves. 😀 Maybe I’ll get some photos for ya.

25 10 2007

I am so glad you are finally admitting you have serious problems…that is the 1st step to recovery! I have no comment about the shoes, didn’t see em’. I am wondering if it’s true that Larry King has a flatulence problem, can you comment on that. I’m glad that you’ve decided to start blogging again, although you admit it’s for old people.

26 10 2007

Pictures of the shoes are sure to follow. Stay tuned.

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