What was it like before?

24 10 2007

What was is like before: cell phones, computers, the internet, turn by turn navigation, satellite radio, etc.?  I’m a young 26 year old (on Nov 5th, and by the way mom, I better get a fantastic post with all sort’s of pic’s and sappy songs or I’m going to know that you really do love Nell more than me!!!)  The answer to these question’s confound me.  If you are a more “seasoned” individual (cough, cough, old) write back and let me know.

 I only know the answer to a few of these question’s.

1.Cell phones: I’m a little hazy on this one because I can barely remember what it was like.  I remember the first “car” phone that my dad got.  It was the size of a Honda and was bolted to the floor with wires running through the dash and up onto the ceiling and roof.  I remember him using the speaker phone system(this was before there were the Star Trek earpieces) I mean this thing was the size of a Taco Bell take-out speaker.  Then when people looked at him funny he got embarassed and quickly grabbed up the phone so no one would think that he was talking to himself.  Also, when I was a wee lad I always knew that the rapture hadn’t taken place because I could always find my parents on their cell phone(youknow those nokias the size of a cinder block) This fear of the rapture taking place and being left behind is a fear that only Pentecostal Preacher’s Kid’s have.  I still have it sometimes!!

2. Computers:I’m a slave to my computer.  It is the lifeblood for me at work.  If it went down I would be useless( What’s that dad?  I’m useless even now. OK, OK, more useless.  What’s that dad, not possible? Ugh) Everything that I do at work is done on my PC.  Email is vital.  It’s a secure and quick way to talk to clients.  Must have.  If it weren’t for this computer I would have hand cramp’s for the rest of my life off of one day’s ppwk that is generated by all the trading and stuff.

3. The Internet: Just as vital as the computer.  In fact, Al Gore says it’s more important because he invented it.  Just think, you get to take part in my brilliant mind and repartee because of it.

4. Turn by Turn Navigation: The saving grace of men everywhere!!! Also, one more thing that has been taken away from women (Well, honey why don’t you stop at that gas station and just ask where Cowlick Blvd is?)

5. Satellite Radio: I have at least a 1 1/2 hour commute in the morning (it’s only 54 miles one way but I live in California along with 75 billion other people all rushing frantically to work because if we don’t go our $5 million rent (not mortgage, RENT) won’t be payed).  If I’m extremely lucky it the same 90 minutes home, more than likely it stretches ooooouuuuuuttttttt.  The radio keeps me sane ( hey dad, that’s enough with the snide little comments, ok.  Yeah just go straighten your room or move your books around until there all perfectly lined up or something.) Music, sports, talk.  It is a gift from God, much like me

Nathaniel: Hebrew, gift from god.  So there.

 Better get back to work.  Break time’s over and the market’s moving.  God bless. 




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24 10 2007
Karla Holley

LOL!! I remember our first “bag” phone – our boys just look at as like we’ve lost our minds when we tell them about it. I’ve been around long enough to remember life before these things – and honestly I don’t know how we made it. LOL!!

24 10 2007
Cheryl Stimers

Nathaniel, You crack me up. I enjoyed reading your blog, very honest and funny. As far as remembering what it was like without computers, cell phones, etc., (because I’m a little more “seasoned” LOL ) in a way it was nice not having all the electronic stuff, it seems like life was at a slower pace. But, now that I’m used to all of it, it’s almost a necessity. Actually, I remember when microwave ovens first came out. That does seem like a long time ago. haha

24 10 2007

The phone was stuck to the wall, so we had to buy a looonnnggg cord in order to move while talking. Oh and no call waiting~always a busy signal, and no answering machine either. Caller ID??? Well, answer the thing to find out who it is!!
Children were made so Dad would not have to change the tv station, sound, or rabbit-ears.
And if it was to far or dark to walk or ride our bikes…forget it!

24 10 2007

OK, I am not THAT old and I remember the days before cell phones and internet…LOL. I had a bag phone as Karla referred to when I was a sophomore in highschool. I think I was the only kid with a car phone and a little antenna sticking off my back window…..
And I didn’t get an e-mail address til my last year of college. And now how on earth would I survive without these two wonderful inventions?!!

24 10 2007

…and adding to Roxana’s comment….not only was the phone stuck to the wall and you needed a loooong cord, you didn’t push buttons to dial it, you put your finger in a little hole next to the number you wanted, and turned the round thingy to the end, took your finger out and let it roll back, then you started all over again with the next number until you got your complete call dialed. It was called a rotary phone. If you were driving somewhere and needed to make a call, either you waited until you got to your destination, or you pulled into a gas station (where the service man came out and filled your tank for you, AND washed your windows)…and used a pay phone. That was a glass enclosed booth with a BIG phone in it that you put a dime in to use.

Before microwaves, you had to heat everything up on the stove or in the oven, even it you just wanted to heat up some left overs.

Computers??? We used a type writer. It was really cool when they came out with electric ones, then you didn’t have to lift your hand and hit the return when you got to the end of the paper. Copiers?? If we needed more than one copy of what we were typing, we had to use carbon paper in between two sheets of paper. WOE unto you if you made a mistake typing, because you had to use a typing eraser to erase your mistake, and then hope you got it all lined up evenly again, to type the correct letter over your erased area. Then, the BEST thing they came out with was, NCR paper!! No Carbon Required!!! As you typed, it went through to the next piece of paper without using a carbon sheet, but you still had trouble if you made a mistake. Internet??? No, we HAND wrote letters and used the U.S. Postal Service, and it took FOREVER to get a letter from your boyfriend!!

Blow Dryers??? Hot curlers??? NOT….You had to let your LOOONG Pentecostal hair air- dry, then if you wanted it curly, you either wore curlers all day, or you slept in them. We had HUGE hairdos that we wore for a week, and took about 4-6 hours to fix. (Oh, man, WHY did we do that???) And you may not want to know this, but it was REALLY nice when they made panty-hose….(enough of that).

IPODS???? Oh, no….we had transistor radios. They were the coolest thing. A little box that you could hold in your hand, but not as small as an ipod, that you could get a radio station on. Then boom boxes came out. Now, you were REALLY cool, if you held the big huge thing on your shoulder as you walked down the street!! Way, cool!!

Roller Blades??? No way!! Skates that clipped on to your regular shoes…and you had to use a skate key to tighten them. You would be skating down your sidewalk at 100 MPH and your skate would come off your shoe, but it was still strapped around your ankle, so it would flop around as you tore up your knees and elbows hitting the pavement. HELMETS? Those were for people who worked in construction, or something like that.

I could go on, but I think you got more than you bargained for from me. I sound like I’m ancient, but I’m not…(well, you may think so, but really I’m not). I’m your Aunt Linda’s age…we all grew up together in Fresno, and I got to your blog by reading your Mother’s blog. If you want any more memories from me, let me know and I’ll be happy to oblige… (Smile)…Gayla

24 10 2007

Do you know what a pager is? We would be “paged”, a phone number would show up and then we had to go find a pay phone to call the number. Bru-u-u-uther… how did we survive?!!!!

My husband’s first computer for his company cost $7,000!!!!!!! We had to make payments on it! Ack!!!!! This was about 25 years ago.

24 10 2007
Jana Allard

Guess I am that old. Out of all the techno stuff, I love the GPS best. It has certainly settled all arguments. Wait. Take that back. Brian tried to argue with the GPS the other day and I said, “Oh puhleeze!! Just trust the thang since you paid so much for it!”

Great blog! Thanks for the few minutes of comedic relief.

26 10 2007
Steven Saiz

1. Cell Phones – Before they came along we made many trips back and forth to the grocery store for items that were forgotten to be placed on the list. It also meant peace and quiet in your car. I was driving not too long ago and all four of us in the car were on our cell phones.

2. Computers – IBM Selectrics were state of the art. Onion paper. I also remember the old Spirit (sp) copiers. It was like a miniature printing press. A megabyte was a big bite off your hamburger. A hard drive – was the 16 hour drive to Idaho. A keyboard was a Fender Rhodes. A mouse was something you set out traps for. Just to name a few…..smile!

3. Internet – My internet was going out the front door as a kid and yelling across the street to my friend to play ball.

4. Navigation – Turn right at the yellow house, then go until you see the big oak tree and then turn left……..

5. Satellite radio – Our satellite radios were old 8 tracks that would skip from track to track riding through the desert when the local radio stations were out of reach.

Great post, Than!


26 10 2007

Thanks to all for your comments on what it was like to live in the stone age!! I’m glad that I am a product of modern times. At least I can’t remember what is was like when the wheel was invented!! Thanks again.

28 10 2007

Congrats on over 2,000 hits!

30 10 2007

Nathaniel, I really enjoyed this post and ALL the comments! I remember it all!!!!!!! I did enjoy the “peace and quiet” in the car without phones, and not having to see a phone on EVERYONE’S EAR when you’re “out and about”! I wonder what people would look like without a phone stuck to their ear, or a “bluetooth” IN their ear! Oh my…”oh for the good-ole days”! LOL! I do enjoy the modern conveniences and glad we have them. I’m not so old that I can’t appreciate “modern times”.

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