Poor Kid’s

31 10 2007

I was pulling into my driveway a few days ago when this little boy came tearing around the corner on his little bike and promptly ate cement.  He hopped back up, adjusted his “helmet”, otherwise known as a futuristic creation from the star wars science fiction costume department on drugs, and took off again.  Once again he lost control and fell.  He adjusted his helmet (safety device and took off again only to fall once more.  It was his helmet that was causing the problem.  It was so big that the kid looked like a giant mushroom.  He couldn’t see to steer and had to keep pushing it around.  I’m sure his parents are wonderful, new age, people who believe in timeout, but in trying to keep their son safe they had in fact made it more difficult for him to enjoy riding his bike. 

And it got me to thinking, (shocking I know), that the more we try to help the more we just mess fun things up.  I’m only 26 but when I was growing up I never one time wore a helmet when riding a bike.  I went headfirst over the bars into the garage wall at least twice (yes that’s probably what’s wrong with me).  I ripped my chin off going down a hill on a skateboard on my stomach.  I literally slid ten yards down a concrete hill on my chin.  You can still see the scar!  I played in the woods and swamps with the gators, snakes and leaches almost everyday. I had two friends who lived over the border in Arkansas, and we used to take shotguns into the swamp looking for wild hogs.  I had bb gun wars wearing nothing but a pair of jeans and a t-shirt.  No safety goggles or helmets allowed.  I swam in creeks, rivers with whirlpools, lakes with alligators, etc.  I rode four wheelers in abandoned gravel pits with no helmet.  Wrecked ’em, rolled ’em.  You name it, I probably did it including eating lead paint for lunch. 

What is the point of this rambling, somewhat incoherent, and poorly thought out discourse?  My generation and the one that is just a little older than I am have forgotten what it was like to be a kid.  We’ve forgotten the fun it was to run in a sprinkler in the summer without worrying about the dangerous chemicals that might be there, what it’s like to ride your bike and feel the wind on your head.  We have totally bought into the psycho babble that preaches how dangerous it is to just have fun.  Pretty soon we’ll all be locked down in our houses, afraid to move because we might pull a muscle.  How did we get here?  What made us so afraid to just live or let our kids have fun?  Why are we all so scared?  I mean, sure, I probably have a little brain damage from all the dumb things that I did as a kid, but I had a whole lot of fun growing up and playing tackle football without a helmet.  I am reasonably well adjusted to society even though my dad used corporal punishment.  I don’t think I ever one time got a time out!! I wouldn’t change anything about the way that I grew up.  I had a blast.  Let your kid’s, and your self for god’s sake, have fun.  You only get to live once.  Not twice, not three times.  It’s a one shot thing.  Get the most you can out of it and don’t spoil any body else’s fun along the way.  In trying to make the little boy on the bike safer by making him wear a helmet, his parents actually made it more dangerous for him because he couldn’t see.  What a dumb thing to do, huh?

All of you communist, leftist, pointy headed liberals worried about the Earth dissolving in a cloud of noxious fumes when we ruin the greenhouse layer, don’t mess with me.  I’ll go outside with a can of White Rain right now and empty it toward the heavens.  It would probably be really fun and besides, the hole in the ozone layer was put there by Pentecostal women and their hairspray.  It’s not my fault.  I’m going to ride my bike with no helmet!!!. 




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31 10 2007

I must admitt I have thought the same thing about helmets and bike riding, but I do insist that my kids wear their “properly” fitting helmets when they ride (most of the time). Afterall, I don’t want others to think I am a bad mother! lol
I too remember all of those dangerous things that Brent and you guys used to do in the name of masculine fun. I remember one year when your dad said that if anyone else got hurt playing tackle football on the church parking lot that it would be over. I don’t remember how many of you had got hurt that year, but I know it was a bunch. This particular night, Jack had gotten hit in the neck and was on the ground writhing in pain, barely able to get a good breath, when your dad walked out of the church. All of the football guys hollared at Jack to get up cause Bro. Hurst was coming. He jumped right up and tried to act like nothing was wrong. Needless to say, the girls thought it was hilarious and such a “guy thing!”
By the way, I enjoy reading your posts. They are funny and even kind of thought provoking in an “I never thought of that” sort of way. Great job!

31 10 2007
Karla Holley

LOL! I might have to agree with you about the hole in the ozone layer!!

31 10 2007

I’m going to encase my kid’s head with bubble wrap. That way, every time he falls down, he’ll be entertained by the ever-amusing plastic-popping sounds. Maybe it will take his mind off the brain damage.

1 11 2007
Cheryl Stimers

Preach it Bro. Than. 🙂

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