Back in the Saddle again

12 11 2007

Wow, that sounds like the title to a really bad country song.  Now don’t get me wrong, I like country music, after all I was born and raised a Texan, I just never thought I would ever utter that phrase.  So now I pose this question to you, is there a worst day than the first day back at work after a week of vacation?  Ugh, it’s terrible.  I love my job.  It’s great, it’s fun, it’s pretty close to a dream job (there is only one other thing that I would like to be doing) but still that first day back is “straight from hell”.  Trying to get back in the mode of answering the phone, multi-tasking, and just juggling all of the things that have to be done is terrible.  When I got to my desk this morning I had a 3 inch stack of paperwork that had to be completed.  I speak in literal terms when I tell you, 3 inches!! So that took like 5 hours, from 7 or so until noon.  Luckily though, today was the day that we celebrated Veterans Day so as soon as the market closed (down again), I was free to go.  I love it when the office closes at 2:30.

I had great fun on my vacation.  I tell you all about it later, just as soon as my mom can teach me how to use flickr I might even post some pictures of the most beautiful golf swing ever ( I have superimposed my face on Tiger’s body but I’m sure you won’t know the difference.  I mean, is it odd that the face and arms would be different colors? Nah) It was really a lot of fun, eventhough the weather chose not to cooperate.  It was all golf, food, and cards.  Another quick question, Why do we eat so much on vacation?  It’s not like we need the energy to make it through a stressful day, although playing with Robbie and Sean does qualify as stressful, huh, Greg?  If I ate like I ate on this trip, I would be 325 pounds.  Totally senseless.  But fun!!!

Pic’s are coming later.  It’s good to be back.





5 responses

12 11 2007

Nathaniel, I’m glad you’re home and I’m happy you had so much fun! I’m looking forward to the pictures. Love you!

13 11 2007

Pics coming later? How about before tonight, slacker?

Your three-inch stack of work is why I have been on a personal boycott of paper for several years now. Power to the pulp.

Yes…I just said “power to the pulp.” I’m a loser.

13 11 2007

You said it not me!! I’ve got some news for you.

14 11 2007
Rob Eades

Stressful? Wha-thu-wurld? Stressful is trying to play golf with you & Bazoo!

14 11 2007

Yes, that can be very stressful!! Especially when you are putting for a double bogey and Bazoo whispers something in your ear.

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