No Fear?

14 11 2007

When I was a kid No Fear shirts were all the rage.  They had big monster trucks and fearsome dogs with the moniker “No Fear” emblazoned on both the front and back.  I had several “No Fear” shirts.  They were the “cool” thing to have when I was in seventh or eighth grade so stop snickering, ok.  I still see trucks and cars with the “No Fear” bumper stickers as well as the genius “Ain’t Skeered”(jethro you are so smart)  stickers as well.  And it has led me to this conclusion; our society is obsessed with the idea of fear and terror.  On one hand we don’t want anyone to think that we are scared of anybody or anything.  Yet, on the other hand, there is more fear now than ever before.  I think that it has a lot to do with what we watch, read, listen to, etc.  TV shows like Fear Factor, movies with all kinds of scary plots and the latest Stephen King novels are all the rage now days. 

As I said, our society is consumed with fear.  Not just the commercialization of it but the actual mind numbing terror that grips people.  Arachnophobia, agoraphobia, fear of heights etc run rampant through our society.  Now, I don’t want anybody to think that I am making light of these things.  They are very real and need to be dealt with.  What I want to deal with is why.  Why do we have panic attacks and things like this?  The first and very obvious reason is this: What are you filling your mind with?  Watching these crazy movies that have you on the edge of your seat and then afraid to go to sleep later that night, well, you’ve made your own bed.  The books, TV, and media that you partake of will result in fear.  But, there is something bigger at play here.  And that’s this. 

Luke 21:26 talks about “men’s hearts failing them for fear”.  What’s happening to us today is biblical.  People are so afraid.  They are afraid to live, to die, to do just about anything.  No one wants to be exposed or take risks.  We all live in fear of tomorrow and the unknown.  Is this a sign of the end time?  Sure.  People are just scared to death.  Most have no idea why.  Fear and anxiety attack even the youngest among us now days.  Kids are terrified, parents are scared for there children.  What has happened to our world that we are so afraid?  

 Proverbs 1:7 says that to “fear the Lord is the beginning of knowledge”.  Now obviously this type of fear is different.  It is more of a respect or reverence.  I believe that this scripture speaks to the root of our problem though.  The “fear” that is missing in our society is the fear of the Lord and that missing “ingredient” has allowed the “carnal” fear to run rampant.  If in fact you do reverence God and his ways, then you trust him to take care of you, to provide, to lead, guide and protect you.  If to fear the Lord is the beginning of knowledge then it is the first step to understanding everything.  And that, the unknown and uncertainty, in our world is what is driving people literally insane. 

So the bigger question is, why not turn everything over to God?   If you give God everything, then your life is not your own to mess up anyway.  He tends to do a better job than we can ever do.  And if you do that, begin to respect God and truly give Him everything, you really will have no reason to fear. 

I can’t think of anything more appropriate for my life than the saying “No Fear”.  Why?  Because God is in control of it. 




5 responses

14 11 2007
Karla Holley

Great post, Than!

15 11 2007
Gene Holley, Jr.

This is so true! Psalm 27:1 says— The LORD is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the LORD is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid? You never know the complete truth of this scripture until you have had a real chance to fear. I enjoyed your phone call today. You are really a great young man.

16 11 2007

Great post!

17 11 2007

I agree wholeheartedly.

17 11 2007

Hey Than! How’s it going? Nice blog! Good to see you and your family doing well.
As for this post, I think one of the reasons that fear runs rampant is because of the violence that goes on currently in our society. The great thing about being a Christian and giving it to God too, is that He will protect us from all the violence and chaos. Anyway, get ready for the rapture I guess! =)
Happy Thanksgiving!

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