So I’ve been thinking…….Hmmmmm

27 11 2007

I’m ending a long and very stressful day at work by looking at the stats on my blog.  This is what I’ve found, you obviously don’t come to this blog for deep philosophical thoughts(Surprising, I know).  Musings on the world, God and life are not what you are looking for when you drop by to see what I’ve been thinking.  It seems, based upon the statistics, that you come for sarcasm and whatever humour might be found.  So that’s just great.  Here I was about to show the world what a brilliant thinker I am with an in depth expose’ on Niccolo Machiavelli’s “The Prince”, then to follow that up with my endorsement for President (Hillary of course) and finally to wow you with a commentary about the senseless tragedies that pervade inner city culture.  But not anymore baby!!! It’s back to the senseless, the seemingly mundane, sarcasm, pithy comments and snarky humour.  The people have spoken and the will of the people must be heard and obeyed(Ooh that was a little much)!!!!!  I will complain, I will gripe and nothing will change.  I have been pigeonholed and I cannot escape.  The world doesn’t ask it just tells you what to do.

PS.  For everyone that believes that I have serious mental issues you are right.  However, the post written directly above this was written tongue in cheek and not to be taken seriously. 




2 responses

29 11 2007

Glad to see you’ve been thinking, Than. Have you actually read “The Prince”? We had it when I was a kid, eons ago, but I never read it.

1 12 2007

Great blog…. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise…

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