Fun, fun weekend!!!

2 12 2007

It’s Sunday evening and I just wanted to let everybody know what a great weekend that I had.  Really fun and entertaining. 

This Friday night a bunch of friends and I went to Christmas in the Park in downtown San Jose.  It was really fun.  It was that perfect holiday weather, cold enough to wear a coat and make your ears and nose cold.  We went ice skating.  Now, me on ice skates is quite the site.  If you have ever seen the Discovery Channel and watched when a newborn baby Giraffe is learning to walk, then you would have some idea of how I look on skates.  I’m 6’5″ and when I put those skates on I was about 3 inches taller.  I have mad respect for anyone that makes their living on ice.  It is incredibly hard to skate and I for sure would not want to have to jump and twist or avoid people intent on doing me bodily harm with a stick and still manage to skate.  Some of the friends that I went with were incredibly graceful.  It made me sick. UGH!!  Really really had a good time.  My legs are still sore.  Not quite in skating shape.

Saturday I went with a friend to a work Christmas function.  I got to meet a lot of neat people.  It is interesting to meet people who have lived in this area for a while and hear their take on what is going on.  It puts a new perspective on things for those of us who have only been around for a few years.  Lot of laughter and getting to know new people.  I’m not always good at meeting new people.  I can be shy and am not real comfortable around people that I have never met.  However, these folks treated me great. 

Today I got to preach.  I love to preach and we ended up having a great service.  Mark 5:1-20.  Great soul-winning text. Read what Jesus tells the man he delivered to go and do.   I actually preached something today that my dad, who’s been in Pentecost for almost fifty years, said that he’d never heard.  He was referring to the scripture that I took as my text.  It’s always fun to talk preaching with my father.  Something else that is unbelievably cool is that my Grandpa gets to hear me preach.  I grew up far far away from my dad’s parents and never really got to know them all that well.  They retired a couple of years ago from pastoring in Kennewick, WA after 41 1/2 years.  Before I preached he was teasing me and poking me in the side and laughing and I was struck by how awesome I have it.  Then to get a hug and a kiss from my Grandmother afterwards was one of the great experiences of life.  It may not mean much to you but it meant a lot to me. 

I hope that your weekend was as fun as mine.  I really like my life and weekends like this just bring it back to me just how lucky I am. 




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2 12 2007

WOW, Nathaniel! You almost made me cry. I sure wish Mother and Daddy could hear you preach! They would be so proud of you, just like Grandma and Grandpa Hurst are. Maybe they listened today from heaven as you preached today. That’s a great thought! I’m glad your weekend was so much fun. I can just see you trying to skate on ice!!! LOL! I love it when good things are happening, so you’ve made me smile tonight. LOVE YOU!

Thanks Aunt Linda. Some of my best memories are setting with Grandpa Layne and talking sermons with him. Love ya’ll and hope to see you soon.

2 12 2007
Karla Holley

LOL! The mental picture of a baby giraffe trying to walk and you on ice skates is awesome!! Sounds like you had tons of fun.

Your mom already called me about the message today. Can’t wait to hear you preach again someday!!!

Love you lots!!

Hopefully it won’t be to long. The sight of me on skates is hilarious.

3 12 2007

It really was a great message and anointed too!

I just love Christmas in the park….I’m glad you enjoyed yourself.

Thanks for the kind words. I love preaching to our church.

4 12 2007

Than, thank you for obeying the Holy Ghost and preaching what God told you to. I’m so glad God is pushing us towards evangelism. I hope He doesn’t stop; I know it’s working. I can’t see it, yet, but like you said the other night at our All Church Prayer Meeting, I can feel it coming. It’s right around the corner. Thank you for your honesty yesterday, too. I, too, feel that gut-wrenching guilt when I think about the people I could have and should have witnessed to, and for some reason, I don’t know why, I didn’t. I ask God to please send someone else to them and give them another chance since I failed. You are an awesome preacher and very anointed. I can tell that you fast and pray before you preach. Your dad has taught you well. I’m glad you answered God’s call to preach the gospel – you are a blessing. I’m glad you are at our church.

P.S. Did you enjoy your Chevy’s “appetizer” yesterday? 🙂

Tena, I love my appetizer and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else in the world. Thanks for the compliment.

4 12 2007
Steven Saiz

Great post! So glad to hear about your ministry! Awesome! I relate to your ice skating experience. I have a scar on my right eye from an ice skating event when I was in high school! So now I just enjoy WATCHING others enjoy the ice!

Bro. Saiz, I usually just watch, however, something weird got ahold of me and forced me to skate. I think that it’s called pride=0. It was fun.

4 12 2007
Cheryl S.

Sounds like a wonderful weekend. Glad you got to enjoy it.

Thanks Sis. Stimers. It was very fun.

8 12 2007

Hey THAN! =) Merry Christmas! (almost)
Now first of all, I can’t believe that you are shy! (as you mentioned) Ever! hahaha! That’s hard for me to picture…
Anyway, that’s really neat what you said about your grandparents. It reminded me of my own situation; I live very close to my grandparents, and get to see them almost every day. They are such an important part of my life, and at times I realize how amazing that is. I think we appreciate them as we get older because we realize what a special blessing that is! Not many people get to be so close to such loving and God-filled grandparents.
Anyway! Wish I could have heard you preach! And seen you skate! HAHAHA! I’m going tonight…we’ll see how it works out. It’s usually so crowded on the ice that you can’t fall down because other people hold you up! lol
Take care!

Janell, Thanks for the comments. Good to hear from you. Take care.

8 12 2007

Than, I like your new lay-out. Looks good.

Thanks Ma!!

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