16 12 2007

When you go to the San Francisco Symphony, which is one of the top symphonies of all time, you expect to enjoy your time and walk away going WOW!  Instead, after this Friday night, I walked away laughing and shaking my head after the performance of the San Francisco Symphony and Chorus.  They took a beautiful piece of music, Handel’s Messiah, and made it mundane and incredibly funny. Even the Hallelujah Chorus was terrible.  I’m afraid that I almost was asked to excuse myself because of the “mezzo soprano” and her rrrrrroooooolllliinnnnggggg R’s.  It just struck us as funny.  I had just taken a drink of water and was forced to laugh thru my nose so that I didn’t go Shamu and blow water over the 5 rows in front of us.  I haven’t laughed that long in quite a while.  It reminded my of my Grandma Layne and her penchant for laughing at the worst times.  It was really just bad!!  Normally they are great but this was terrible. 


Mom and I Friday night

And then the RIDE OF DEATH through the streets of SF.  I’ve never gone 90 down the Embarcadero in my life but I did Friday night as we tried to beat the clock and make it to Houston’s before it closed.  And of course everyone in the car had the best way to get from Davies Symphony Hall to Houston’s.  Take 80, No take Harrison, No that goes the wrong way take Market.  Oh no.  Let’s go the long way and catch every light in the process.  Finally, I just jumped out of the car, dashed across 4 lanes of oncoming traffic, slid across the hood of a parked taxi and dove through the door at 10:58 to make it just in the nick of time.  I’m even reasonably sure that they didn’t drop my prime rib on the floor and step on it before they served me.  Houston’s is one of my favorite restaurants in the world.  Love it.  Finally made it to bed about 4 A.M, which is way past my usual bed time and went to sleep with a “5 page of sheet music” AMEN rolling around in my head.  Seriously, that is how many pages they turned for the last AMEN!!!!!!

  We had great church today and it was the maraschino cherry on top of a really fun weekend.  I love where I live because it affords me the chance to have a great life and a lot of fun. 

I hope that you had a great weekend and hope that you have a fantastic week this next week.  I haven’t bought a single present.  I’m the guy running frantically through the mall at 5:30 on Christmas Eve.  It’s part of my charm!!




5 responses

16 12 2007
Karla Holley

LOL!!!!!! I would love to have been sitting there with y’all Friday night! We would have probably been kicked out!

WE WOULD HAVE BEEN KICKED OUT FOR SURE. One of the funnier nights of my life!!

16 12 2007

Glad you made it to Houston’s!! That is probably one of my favorite places to eat. . . .no matter what city I’ve eaten at one in. . .it was great!!! Glad you topped off a hilarious evening with such great food!!!

I love Houston’s. Always have. It really was a funny evening. If you could see the way that Dad looks when these people start singing you would die laughing. I finally just had to stop watching. You can tell exactly what he’s thinking by what is on his face.

17 12 2007

Nice! Sounds like you guys had a fabulous time! =) I know this is probably an incredibly dumb question, but what kind of food does Houston’s serve? Is it basically a TX steakhouse? I’ve never even heard of the resturant.
Too bad you didn’t enjoy SF phil. hahaha! They are great though…one time they did the William Tell Overture and I was the only one in the audience laughing! I think some high art is meant to be funnny and people miss the point. (Except Messiah is definitely not meant to be funny! lol) Hey by the way, water is allowed in the hall???? lol
Merry Christmas!!

Janell, it’s owned by the same company that own’s Bandera in Sacramento. It’s american dining. I don’t know how to explain it any better than that. They do allow bottled water in the Hall but not anything else.

17 12 2007

Crrrrrack up!!! I so wish I had been therrrrrre but mom said we would have gotten kicked out. I agree with you about the mickey mouse sweatshirts. We were so abused.

At least you were younger. Can you imagine the mortification of being 14 and having to wear a Mickey Mouse sweatshirt? Ugh!! We would have been thrown out if you were there. When you “threw your shoe at the lady”, we probably would have been banned for life.

22 12 2007

Wellllll…..sounds like a fantastic, funny evening for sure! I can see Nathan’s face right now!! LOL! Glad you had fun even though it wasn’t “good”. The food was worth going for! Isn’t it always? What’s “hungry” got to do with it? (as Keith would say) LOL!

It was too funny! I never wait until I’m hungry to eat. I listened to my uncle well I guess.

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