Slip and Slide

18 12 2007

It’s raining here in Northern California this week.  And by raining I mean this infernal drizzle that just goes on and on.  It could rain for 72 hours and we might get 3/4 of an inch.  This happens every year from about right now until the middle of April or so.  Actually, as I look out the window it’s coming down a little harder than normal.  Here’s the thing.  You would think that since this “weather pattern” happens every year that the people who live here would learn how to drive in the rain.  Have they?  NO THEY HAVE NOT!!!  Moisture on the road is anathema to these people(and yes I did use that word right).  Nobody has figured out that you can go 55 miles an hour and be safe.  Oh no, it’s either full speed ahead, like normal 75-85mph or it’s 25-35 mph.  And ne’er the two shall meet.  Terrible, terrible, horrible, HARBLE!!.

 On the bright side the mountains are just getting dumped on right now.  That’s the good thing that happens.  Dodge Ridge ( is planning on opening this Thursday, which is a couple of days earlier than expected.  Go and check out the web cams for the ski resorts.,, et. al.   Looks like we will be having better snow this year.  Better get my stuff out so I can go and take a look!!




4 responses

18 12 2007

Made ya look.

18 12 2007
Karla Holley

You know – when it rains here in Austin I’ve made some observations. I think most people here are from California – AND DON’T KNOW HOW TO DRIVE IN THE RAIN!! It’s “harble” here too. Not like Wichita Falls and other parts of Texas where people actually know what rain is and how to drive in it!!

It is the “little Silicon Valley”. I love the word harble. It just sounds so great!!

22 12 2007

I guess ya’ll just need to move to Wichita Falls where people KNOW how to drive in the rain! LOL!

I think that I’ll survive. It’s just so annoying!!

23 12 2007

Hey Than! Welcome to CA! That’s very typical. It’s been like that state-wide, forever. And, to add to our driving skills, we also bundle up in snow clothes at the slightest hint in the drop of temperature. Have you noticed that? I had some friends from Michigan & Wisconsin come out and they’re wearing t-shirts and shorts, while we’re bundled up to our chins! I’m curious where you live in CA, though. We haven’t had much rain up here in Sac, besides the storm that came through last week.

I know, I know. It’s so funny to see people wearing huge coats and scarfs and it is only 50 degrees. I live in Hollister. Just a little ways from Monterey and Carmel.

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