New Years (Things I might do)

7 01 2008

What’s that word??? Oh yeah, resolutions!! Right?  I think so.  So here goes nothing

Lose weight:Yeah right!!.  Why do I need to lose weight?  Have you seen me?  Rail thin I tell you, rail thin.  No Dad, no.  That’s you that needs to lose weight.  I know, I know you used to look just like me!! We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.  Yes we, me and all of my other personalities!  Come to think of it I might be losing weight anyway with this 30 days of prayer and fasting that we’re doing.  Bro. Haney, was this for revival or just so the UPCI can be a little healthier!?.  Maybe we won’t need such a big arena for next years General Conference. (Of course I’m just joking.  Don’t get all offended on me people!!! Can’t you take a joke?)

Save money:Yes this one is actually very important.  Must save money, must save money. I’m thinking that if I can repeat it like a prayer mantra that I can do it.  Must save money, must save money, must save money!!

Be more friendly:Okay, so no one will believe this but I’m going to say it anyway.  I’m actually a very shy person.  Yes, I heard all of your jaws drop in unison.  It’s true I promise!!!  Because of this shyness I sometimes don’t engage people properly and then they think that I am some stuck up, arrogant snob.  To anyone who’s been on the receiving end of that I apologize and will try to do much better!!! 

I’m hoping that all your dreams will come true this shiny New Year.  I believe that 08 is going to be great(It rhymes and it’s pure cheese!.)  There I go being a silly optimist again Ryan.  Oh well have fun and enjoy the New Year everybody!!




4 responses

7 01 2008

Dude, seriously….you’re about to make me gag with all this cheeriness.

Nah, just kidding. I would like to make an objection to the whole “Be more friendly” goal. Seriously…you’re not shy, man. Maybe you were as a child, but you spent most of Darren and Ginger’s wedding making everyone laugh.

…while on platform.

And half of us you had just met. I’m not buying the whole shy thing. I’m calling rubbish on that one.

Dude, we were staying in a hotel room together. I’m not sure how much closer you can get to someone than that!! Plus it’s easy to be funny. It’s the being nice that gets difficult!!!

7 01 2008
Tyler Sullivan

I dont know man, I think I am going to need a bigger chair at the arena this year….extra EXTRA large please

If you keep eating Chipotle and only Chipotle you’ll be all right!!! It is my diet plan.

7 01 2008
Karla Holley

If you’re going to save money – stay away from Aldo!+

I only buy casual there so I don’t spend that much there. I need to stay away from B.R and J. Crew though for sure!!

8 01 2008
Jana Allard

Man, if your blog gets any friendlier it will reek of cheese. j/k LOL

Hey, I understand the shy stuff. I was put on a stage to sing at 2 and have always been in front of people. That was easy – it is the one-on-one stuff where I’m left mute.

I love your blog. For stress relief, it runs a close second to Starbucks. LOL

I’m going for a limburger type of smell!!! It is the one-on-one stuff that is most difficult. Big crowds, no problem!

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