MORE random observations! (some serious, some not!)

16 01 2008

All of our FA’s and PCM’s are out of the office today which means that we are able to get a very large amount of work done in a short amount of time.  It’s amazing how much you can get done when nobody is bothering you!!  You know that whole “A lack of planning on your part does not necessarily constitute an emergency on my part” thing.  That’s who I was talking about.  One of the reasons that I come into work so early in the morning, besides the obvious “that’s when the market opens here on the Left Coast”, is that when nobody is here I can get 10 hours of work done in about 5.  Point in case, I’ve been here since 5:15 or almost six hours and I’ve plowed through enough so that I can have my four day weekend and not feel guilty.   Which leads me to my random observations!

~Why do I feel guilty for taking time off?  I mean I work hard and I deserve my days off so why do I feel guilty about it?  It may be because I don’t want to burden other people with my workload which is what happens because invariably some sort of crisis will arise that only I can take care of.  Oh well, I have my BlackBerry if things get to hectic!!

~Is OJ Simpson the dumbest person alive?  I mean seriously!! How many chances does this guy deserve?  You’ve got to listen to the judge in his latest case blister him in court today!! It’s fantastic.  She asked him if he was arrogant or ignorant or both?  Very cool.  There are a stunning, stunning, absolutely mind boggling amount of dumb people in the world but this guy has got to be close to the top of the list!

~Have you heard about the latest ACLU line?  It’s actually a little much to be written here in a family type blog but it is incredible.  These people must be so disconnected with reality that they think their cars are UFO’s!. It’s crazy.  If you need a good laugh google what they are saying now.  I’ll give you a hint…..Larry Craig…….I’m sure that the last people the Republican Senator of infamy from Idaho expected to take up his battle was the ACLU.  “People have the expectation of privacy for “personal acts” committed in public bathroom stalls!!”  There I said it.  Can you believe it!!?? I have no way to express my incredulity!!  There aren’t keys on this keyboard to express the way I feel about these idiots!!

~We have a business meeting at our church tonight.  One word, UGH!  I know that they are necessary and needful(I think that is the same exact thing) but does that mean that I have to like or enjoy them.  Having teeth pulled without Novocaine sounds more enjoyable.   I’ll be there in my hangman’s noose, errr tie, with a smile on my face. 

~Does anybody know that we used to preach against ties in Pentecost.  I’m all for going back to those days!!! 

~Being a receptionist has to be the most boring job in the entire world.  What are you supposed to do if the phone’s not ringing or people aren’t walking in?  Sudoku?  I think not!!  Sorry Grandpa!

~I hope they find Cesar Armando Laurean soon.  There is not a punishment that would be to cruel or unusual for this creep!

~I love California, at least the part that I live in.  Right here in the middle of the most liberal people alive.  You should hear what they talk about on the radio.  It makes the commute almost fun sometimes.  Who knew that people this smart could be so dumb!!  The people that live where I’m from would look at these people like aliens!!  Sometimes I think they might be from a different planet as well.  It’s called ILEFTMYBRAINANDCOMMONSENSEONSATURN.  It’s in a galaxy far far away. 

~This is a really long and rambling post!

Have a good day and a great MLK weekend.  Do something fun if you have the day off on Monday! 




6 responses

16 01 2008

Pentecostals really used to preach against ties?

Let’s rediscover our roots.

Kinda funny right? It’s amazing when you really study the history of Pentecost. It’s interesting.

16 01 2008

WoW a Pentecostal man with out a tie? Please explain more…………………………………….
Out of all the Pentecostal post that I read daily, I have to say that yours is on my top five. Makes me feel like I am not so crazy after all.
Have a great day.

Beka, I’m glad you enjoy the blog. Come back often! I don’t know if you should gauge your level of craziness by what you read here. I haven’t been out of the asylum all that long!!

16 01 2008
Tyler Sullivan

Ya our business meeting is coming up quick as well.

It was relatively painless. But I still had to wear a tie!

16 01 2008
Jana Allard

Church politics! UGH! That was the right choice of words. I hate these meetings, too.

That cat O.J. seems to have nine lives. You’ve heard of Dumb and Dumber? How about Dumbest?

Maybe we could put all the dummies and far out liberals in the same place, put a fence around it, and charge people 5 bucks to go in and see the show.

Ties? We eliminated them on our Wednesday night services. Bryce is with you about going back to the days when they were wrong, but then he would have to give up his cuff links too. 🙂

There’s no need to get all radical with the cufflinks!! All they would have to do is fence in the Bay Area. We already charge people 6 bucks to cross the bridges!!

17 01 2008
Cheryl S.

I love to read your blog, it’s always interesting, and unique. California is rather left coast liberal wacko, but I still love it here. O.J. definitely has major problems. I didn’t know that ties used to be preached against, although I do remember when men were only suppose to wear white shirts to church, no colored shirts. And last but not least, I don’t really care for business meetings either. 🙂

Sis. Stimers, thanks for the kind comments. I don’t know what I would do if I had to wear white shirts only. I’d be wearing the same three shirts for everything!!

19 01 2008
Jana Allard

Than, I don’t ever want to go back to the days were it was wrong to breathe. Well, almost that bad. Can’t wear red, only white shirts…… Oh, and watch out for the gold collar stays and tie bars, too. 🙂


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