Things that I love!

22 01 2008

That’s quite the mouthful, huh?  Of course, it’s difficult to just say “things” when there are people, places, and things.  But hey, YOU try writing all of those things in the title line.  See if you can actually get it in there!! 

We all have certain “things” that we love.  We all have people that we love.  We all have places that we love.  These are just a few of mine.  Enjoy!

God-Couldn’t make it through a single day without him.  Truly the best friend that I’ve ever had.

 My Family-Starting with my parents.  The best set of parents that I could have ever asked for!! Well, I mean my mom is pretty much perfect but then there’s my dad.  HAHA!!  The older he gets the more ornery he gets!  He’s turning into Billy Joe Junior a little more everyday.  A funny story that I like to tell involves my dad always saying NO the first time you asked him a question………”Dad, can I breathe……NO………Dad, can I give you a million dollars………NO………Dad, can I…”  Oh well, you get the picture.  Then he would go, “Ronda, what do you think?” And then she would say, “Well, I think that you should let them breathe at least a little bit!!”  Dad, “Ok, Ok,  do whatever you want!!”  Of course that is a little dramatized and I love to tease my dad a lot.  However, he’s a really great dad, a friend, and my pastor all rolled into one person.  Oh by the way, dad, Happy 49th Birthday, I hope you enjoyed it.  I’ve got a present on the way;)  I also love my baby sister, Danelle, and her husband Matt.  They are both great people who are really a great asset to our church and my parents.  And then there is the extended family.  I love all of ya’ll and you have helped me so much.  I wish that I could see the Layne side of the family more often but I guess that is how it goes.

Friends-Last year I posted a blog regarding my two best friends, Jared and Dewayne.  I’m too lazy to add a hyper link so you’ll have to dig through the archives yourself if you want to read it.  However, I have a great group of friends that really mean a lot to me.  I am separated by distance from most of them.  I miss seeing them as often as I used to but “true friends” don’t have to spend a lot of time together to remain friends.  I often wonder about people who can only be friends with people who they spend every day with. I call it the teenage girl syndrome!! OMG, WE ARE LIKE TOTALLY BFF.  I HAVE TO SEE YOU FOR 27 HOURS, LIKE EVERY SINGLE DAY.  UMMMM, I’m sorry, there are very few people in the world with whom I can spend large amounts of time with and then I’m ready to “hermetize” for a few years. 

My iPod-I really love music.  In fact, I love it so much that my dad says God will never speak to me because I’m always listening to something?!  HUH?  Anyway, you can get musical whiplash from listening to music with me!! I love almost any style of music.  Isn’t iPod shuffle the greatest?  You never know what’s next.  You can go from Frank Sinatra to Bishop Noel Jones to Dave Koz.  FANTASTIC!

My Church-The Pentecostal Church.  A very cool group of people with heart for revival and God.  If you want to see true worship you should come to a Sunday or Wednesday service and watch these people worship.  They only know one way and that is with everything that they have!!  I can’t wait to see what else God is going to do in our church!!

My Life-It’s really cool.  I have  a great job, family, friends, my iPod, my church and so much more.  It is amazing the twists and turns that my life has taken over the last 7 years or so.  It’s been a little bit of a roller coaster but I can honestly say that I’m very happy and that I like where I’m at as a person.  I’m a little more mature than I’ve ever been.  I would say that I’m at least at a 4th or 5th grade level in the maturity department!! I’m so proud of myself.  Just think, mom, I’ll be in high school in no time!!

Please note: sarcasm included!  There was no particular order to the way that I listed things!  Please don’t get offended for my father.  He’s a big boy and he gives as good as he get’s!!  If I neglected to include anyone it was probably intentional!!! Ha, just joking, it was not intentional and a quick phone call or email will persuade me not at all to change this post!!  Thank you for your time. 




8 responses

22 01 2008
Karla Holley

Nathaniel – you’re a nut! But I love you for it! I have the exact same feelings for my iPod. It is so awesome to put it on shuffle and wait to see what comes next.

Love you tons!!

If I’m to be a nut I think I would like to be a walnut!! Very hard to crack those crazy nuts!

Gotta love the shuffle. Tell the boys that I said hello and when are they coming to visit.

Love you and Uncle Gene!

22 01 2008
Mandy Elms

OKay Ya’ll are both weird!!!! But I still love you I’d like to add cassettes to the list of favorite things!!! You just can’t beat a good old old old old tape!!! lol Love ya

What? Are you living in the 80’s? This is the 21st century paging Amanda Elms!! I’ll buy you an iPod for Christmas if I ever see ya’ll again!! Then you can know the greatness!! Can you imagine having all of your old old old old tapes in one place? So fantastic.

By the way, the pic’s of your girls are so beautiful. Love ya’ll.

22 01 2008
R Kent Smith

Bro Nathaniel….nice sight and good to see the upbeat attitude with life and family….

Prayers from Texas

Bro Smith

Bro. Smith, thanks for the kind words. Very good to hear from one of the “old Texas pastors” that I grew up admiring and watching. God bless!

22 01 2008

Nathaniel, I love this post! I feel the “love” all the way back to TEXAS! I just wish you were only 5 hours away, like you use to be. I miss ya’ll a LOT!! Love you, bunches!

Aunt Linda
(I signed this time for all those who did not know the “connection”. 🙂

Phew, I’m glad you let everybody know who you are. We wouldn’t want to confuse people!!!

When are you coming to see us? Soon I hope!

23 01 2008

To funny love the one about your dad, sounds just like me……………….NO NO NO I DON’T CARE WHAT YOU ASK ME THE ANSWER IS STILL NO.
Then of course I break down and give in.

I have heard many great things about your parents and sounds like your Dad has a great sense of humor.

Beka, thanks for the kind comments. I love the NO!! But then of course he usually reverses upon consultation with my mom or sometimes with himself.

23 01 2008
Ryan Austin Dean

Dude, I’m just reeling from the fact that you used the word “ornery.” What would your West Coast friends think? Heh…

Really good post, man. Loved the dad story. Loved the acknowledgement of the important things.

And of course, the iPod is just as essential to life as the breath you might ask permission to inhale.

Dude, sometimes these people out here look at me like a mule looking at a new gate. I’ve got some of ’em as lost as Moody’s goose in high weeds. You want more? I can go on for hours!!

Thanks for the kind comments. It’s important to acknowledge the people and things that have shaped us and made us who and what we are!!

If I lost my iPod I don’t know if I could make it!

24 01 2008
Tyler Sullivan

You forgot Chipotle …….COME ON!!!!

lol jk…nice post


24 01 2008
Jana Allard

Your outpouring of love is overwhelming. Sniff, sniff….do you have any Kleenex?

Extra thick tissue for you Sis. Allard? I know that this emotion is hard to bear!!

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