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28 01 2008

I finally posted an “about” section.  It’s directly above and it’s titled, very cleverly I think, “It’s Me”!!  In it you will find a a few things that I like and dislike.  I know that it is difficult to imagine that someone as sweet as myself would ever have anything that they dislike, but alas…..  You won’t find many pictures as they are something that I’m not fond of at all!

Secondly, (my high school English teacher would be so proud that I’ve finally learned how to segue don’t you think?),  I always comment back in the comment you leave.  For all of you Mensa candidates that ask why I don’t comment back here’s what you do.  Do not assume that just because it said 6 comments yesterday when you posted your comment, and it still say’s 6 comments,  that I have not replied!!  You know what happens when you assume, right?  Good!  Now, click on the comment link.  Did you?  Good, we’re making progress.  Underneath the comment that you left there will be an addition added in bold face!  That would be my comment!!  It was not something that your other personality did  or that you did while sleepwalking last night.  It was me!!  Wow, that was difficult.  Please stop e-mailing me asking me why I don’t like you and I never comment on your comments!!  Thank you, thank you very much!

I’ll post later to tell you about our communion service this Sunday!  Little sneak peek……..Dad at 9:30 Sunday Morning “Uh, Than, I think that you’re going to have to preach!!!”  “Are you kidding me?!!!” 

 Talk to you soon. 




4 responses

28 01 2008

I’ve heard you did some mighty fine preaching! You evidently had a message brewing on the inside. Maybe I’ll get to hear you preach again sometime.

It’s been awhile since you guys took pity on a poor starving evangelist. I don’t know how much better I am but recently no one has fallen asleep when I preached! It could be because the last time that happened there was an embarassing incident with some false teeth………..Oh never mind. I would love to be able to come back there and be with ya’ll in service. See you soon!

28 01 2008
Jana Allard

“Little sneak peek……..Dad at 9:30 Sunday Morning “Uh, Than, I think that you’re going to have to preach!!!” “Are you kidding me?!!!'”

Uh-oh, think your mom already spilled the beans. We already know you were awesome and the entire congregation felt a strong presence of God and His love. It was overwhelming. If you knew me very well, you would know I would most likely have a sarcastic comment but somehow I believe your mom. I know your parents are proud of you and let me add, I am proud of you, too. I didn’t get to hear you preach, don’t know you real well, but having been a PK I understand the lifestyle. Yes, Than, I am proud of you. Keep up the good work. I believe in you. Here’s your Kleenex for the one serious comment you got from me that touched your soul. 🙂

Thanks for the kind words. I’m crying buckets of tears as we speak. In fact, I think that my boss just called the Mental Institute and told them that I have completely lost it. I’ve flooded my office with these tears. I must stop!! No, really, Thank you very much. I look forward to getting to know you and your whole family better.

29 01 2008

Than, the one time I posted a comment you did not add “Bold Text” for me. *snif* And….*snif, snif* you have NEVER commented on my blog, so I am now starting a hunger strike until you make some positive changes in your attitude towards me!

Misty, first of all I didn’t know you had a blog. Secondly, you didn’t spell sniff right. And third if you go on a hunger strike, well, we all know how slim you are already!! And didn’t I tell you that I loved you the other night on the phone!! Dear God, what does it take to please you and Josh!!!

29 01 2008

Thank God that you check your comments in the middle of the work day! I was starting to feel dizzy from lack of nutrients! That is probably why I spelled sniff incorrectly or maybe it was just too much glue. Who knows.

Lack of nutrients might explain the misspelling of sniff, but how does it explain all of the other stuff??

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