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29 01 2008

Something very cool happened to me today!  I was named the “Customer of the Week” at the Starbucks that I visit every weekday morning.   Wow.  How cool is that!  Let me explain, every morning I roll into this place between the hours of 4:30 and 5:15 AM.  I’ve been out of bed for about 25 minutes at this point which means I’m barely human.   I’ll  pause a moment for the requisite jokes………. Ok, did you get them out of your system?  Let’s proceed with this fascinating tale!  I order a quad grande mocha.  That is 4 shots of espresso in my cup and then I top that off with a morning bun!  A morning bun is basically a small cinnamon roll with less sugar.  Trying very hard to be health conscious here!!  So when I walk in this morning Liz, one of the baristas, said “Nathan, (that’s what I go by during the business week.  It’s just to hard to explain Than to everybody.  They think I’m Vietnamese and then I have to explain that my Dad is actually Nathan and my full name is Nathaniel but I go by Than and…….. So I just go by Nathan!!) there is a sign over there for you!”  So I walk over to the area where you pick up your coffee and sure enough, THERE IT IS!!  “Nathan, our customer of the week, suggests a quad grande mocha.”  How very cool is that.  So all this week I get my coffee for free.  I really like this Starbucks, and I did even before they named me their Customer of the Week, the employee’s are always so friendly.  They call me by name, ask how my business is going, and wish me a safe journey to work (54 miles one way so I need all the help that I can get!)  Super cool guys and girls!! 

 On a completely separate topic, my hair has decided to revisit 1993.  That was the year that I was 12.  During this time period the “spike” was the coolest hair do of all.  Well, if exclude the mullet and the rat tail, it was the best for sure.  Now for all of you who can’t remember this time period this is what a spike is.  On the side of your head, where you have your natural part, instead of the hair laying down you spiked it into a giant rooster tail!!  It made you look like a lopsided porcupine!!  But we all thought it was the best!  Anyway after I got to work I was in the restroom and I noticed that my hair has betrayed me yet again and the “spike” has returned.  In the paragraph above I referenced the time that I do my morning ablutions.  This usually means that my eyes are closed!!  If I didn’t lay out my clothes the night before I would never match.  At least this way I get it right about half of the time!!  So my hair is being held hostage by the year 1993!!  I’m sure that when I get home my dad’s bouffant will be back in full glory, held in place with Consort hairspray and my mom will be teasing her poof into perfection!  If Danelle shows up in her “little pink glasses”  I will know for sure that time machines do exist. 

Must run!  Talk to you soon.




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29 01 2008

Dude, all the talk about the side-spike is useless without pictures. Since your hair has likely recovered by this point, maybe some of you when you were 12 would work.

Pictures of me when I was 12 include the following: teeth, lips, and the spike. You really can’t see much of anything else! Go back to bed sick boy!!

29 01 2008

Ok, this is totally weird…..I just wrote a blog a few days ago about how much I am addicted to Starbucks and how much I love the place and the people and how your clothes smell like coffee when you leave and blah blah blah. Then I deleted it. It sounded crazy when I read it and I just knew my blog-world would not understand….Now, I don’t go as much as you claim to, and I order a “why bother” all the time (de-caf, non-fat), so I suppose you are more of an addict than I, but I think that is the coolest thing they made you customer of the week. LOL I would flip if they did that for me. You should have taken pics of this momentus occasion (then it would’ve been a 2 for 1 and we could’ve seen the hair, too). OK, overreacting but anyway. It’s cool.

Whoa, Kassie. Lay of the caffeine!! Just kidding. Seriously now, I don’t know how I would make it with these ungodly hours that I keep if I couldn’t have my 4 shots of espresso. I do love the smell of Starbucks as well. It smells so good and it keeps me fresh!! I do go quite a bit. At least 5 times a week but generally more like 7-8!!

29 01 2008
Karla Holley

That’s so cool, ‘THAN!!! Your Uncle Keith would be proud. 😉

I imagine that Uncle Keith would have been named the Customer of the Week several times!!

29 01 2008

You’re too much! LOL! I would love to see your hair in the spike, again….after all these years!! LOL! (not really) And, I guess I have to say it, “Congratulations, on being customer of the week!” I don’t even care if there is a Starbucks, so that was hard to say. 🙂

GASP!! What are you? Communist or something? Not caring about Starbucks is very UN-American!! If you’ll come out to see us, I will wear the hair spiked just for you.

30 01 2008
Cheryl S.

Nathaniel, congrats on “customer of the week”. Sounds like you will save some money this week, since you get your coffee for free. LOL I don’t go to Starbucks very often. I don’t like coffee. 🙂 I know, very un-american. I do own some shares of their stock though, which as you most likely know, has not been very good lately. So, I hope everyone will go to Starbucks as often as you do. 🙂

Well you’re not the only one with that problem. Hopefully, the market will come back here soon! It’s been up for a few days in a row so we’re all keeping our fingers crossed!!

1 02 2008
Jana Allard

LOVE Starbucks. Hate ungodly hours. It should only be noon and night. Bad hair days happen. Hey, maybe that is why they gave you customer of the week. Bad hair day? Nothing Starbucks can’t fix.

When I have a bad hair day I seriously consider shaving the whole mess. In fact, several times I have!! Starbucks is life blood to me!

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