Inane!! (complacently foolish)

1 02 2008

I’m sitting on the most boring conference call that I have ever been on!!  It has absolutely nothing to do with my portion of the business.  It has driven me to the edge of insanity.  I’m looking for a bridge!!  However, I’ve also been thinking of some more things that drive me batty!.

~Stupid sayings-Take care, you too, I’m good, and there are so many more.  I had someone tell me to “take care”.  Where exactly am I taking care?!  To work, to my house, to my car?  And then where do I leave it?  If I’m taking it with me then at some point I’m going to have to leave it somewhere right?  How about this, I’m taking a flight later today.  I’m sure that the ticket taker, the curbside check-in people and any number of other people will tell me to “have a nice flight”.  To which I will reply “you too”.  I’m pretty sure that is the dumbest statement that I will make all day!  They’re not going anywhere are they?  (There is a comedian who does a great bit on this but I can’t remember his name!!)

~Asking how people are-You will never get the whole truth and even if you did you wouldn’t really care or want to know!!

~Dumb people-There are more dumb people in the world than you could ever believe.  Has any one seen the video on youtube of Ms. Teen South Carolina? If not you should check out the answer she gave in response to a question about why Americans can’t locate the US on a map.  Very classic!

~Boring conference calls-We get these about once a week.  They are inane and completely useless!!  I’m sitting here at my desk with my eyes crossed and drool hanging from my chin!! 




4 responses

1 02 2008

You have to be talking about the great comedian, Brian Regan!!! He’s the BEST!!!!

Yes, I think so. He’s very funny!

1 02 2008
Jana Allard

Dumb people. They walk amongst us. They are the reason I pray for control of my temper.
As for Miss Teen S.C. The state should crawl under the map and die of embarassment.

I will pray for your temper =0! My boss said to me the other, “I see dumb people”!!

1 02 2008

In reading this Nathaniel, I remembered something a friend said to us when he was frustrated….”Some people just have the spirit of stupid”!!! I think he just might be right! LOL!

More people have that spirit than don’t I believe!!

3 02 2008
Don Ryan

I was on that same call about three times last week. Stuck on stupid.

It’s so brutal. I think that I have plenty to do to amuse myself without hanging on to these dumb things for an hour. Oh by the way, Bro Ryan, “lets go Buckeye’s”!!!!!!

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