Nothing to say

20 02 2008

I haven’t written in a while.  It’s been almost two weeks since my last post!  Sorry.  I know that you are desperate for the “manna from thanheaven”.  I’ve just lost the urge to write.  I have absolutely nothing to say!!  Some would say that this actually makes the world a better place.  Nonsense.  Poppy-cock I say to these negative folks!  Alas, there is just no inspiration! 

I guess that I could blog on the political scene but I don’t really care.  Oh sure, I’ll vote but I’m just not sure that it matters.  My life won’t change that much.  The government already takes 43% of my check.  Another 5% won’t matter that much.  We’re never going to fix illegal immigration.  The war on terror will continue in some fashion.  I know that I really don’t want Hillary to be president just because she is incredibly ugly but besides that I couldn’t care less.   None of the candidates inspire me and I hate the thought of voting for the “lesser of two evils!”.

The sports world is in the “dead time”.  It’s before March madness.  Baseball is just starting spring training.  And hockey and basketball (the NBA version) are just killing time until the playoffs. 

Church has been great of course.  We always have great service’s and they have gone to another level since the first of the year.   Our church has decided to continue the prayer and fasting that we started the year with.  The change has been incredible to say the least!!

I need to get away to the mountains for a few days and let the snow and wind refresh me!!  Oh by the way, I love the California winters.  It may be the only place in the world that you can surf and snow ski the same day. 




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