Annoyed in any language!!

21 02 2008

I’m annoyed! (English)

Khuom khung! (Cambodian)

Bu Kai Xin! (Mandarin)

Mmm Hoi Sum! (Cantonese)

Estoy molestado! (Espanol)

Man asabaniam! (Farsi)

Je suis ennuyé! (French)

When I was young we once did sign language to a song called “Love in any language”.  It was done by Sandi Fatti er Patti!  Well today I’m not feeling love in any language.  It’s a very annoying day.  Now the above translations were taken from co-workers of mine.  I truly work with an international cast of characters and our Russian and Korean co-workers were out of the office today!

I’m not feeling well.  I know that my mother thinks that I’m faking it but she’s thought that since I was about 12.  I’m really not feeling well.  I should have called in to work but I am covering for another internal client manager and could not do so.  My head feels like a block.  My throat hurts.  I’m draining gallons and gallons of mucus!  I’m coughing.  I don’t know if I have fever but my entire body hurts.  Yea, yea, yea for Than!!

When I am feeling like I have described I’m more than a little crabby.  Things that would otherwise never be mentioned are now fair game.  Like this, Why do people use umbrella’s when it’s not raining.  It may have rained 5 minutes ago but it’s not raining now.  The streets are wet BUT IT’S NOT RAINING NOW!!!!!  But of course it would decide to rain like we haven’t seen since the day’s of Noah after I get my tea and start heading back to work.  And then, have you ever tried to dry off your glasses with a wet shirt?  Does not work at all.  You only succeed in smearing the glasses terribly.  And then of course it’s to late to wipe them with a Kleenex as a sensible person would have done!! 

Why do people talk so loud.  I’m not deaf.  I only act like it sometimes to get out of hearing things that I don’t want to hear.  Huh??  I really don’t need to hear what the person setting 3 OFFICES down from me had for dinner last night and I for sure don’t need to know how it “made them feel”.  Ugh!

When I feel bad (which is most of the time) I don’t want to talk to anyone, hear anyone, smell anyone, be touched or do anything except sleep!  Wow, that’s really not all that different from how I am on my best days (maybe I should work on that a little!)  Memo to the world:  Leave me alone today and probably tomorrow as well!!  Just pack your little tent and steal off quietly into the night ok?  I’ve no desire to be around you today!  And to make matters worse, the sun has decided to mock me.  It is now shining brightly!  It’s been cloudy all day and it fit my mood!  Why oh why has the universe turned against me? 




12 responses

21 02 2008

Someone needs a hug.

Feeling like giving one big guy?

21 02 2008
Gene Holley

(walking away quietly….)

Probably the best thing to do at this time!

21 02 2008
Karla Holley

Good grief! Get over yourself already! The world is a wonderful place and being able to hear people talk around you is what keeps it interesting. LOL!! I’m soooo just kidding.

I hope you’re feeling better very soon!! Love you!+

WOW, harsh!

22 02 2008
Josh Tredway

I know how you feel. I had that cold/flu thing going on a few weeks ago and it was horrible, to say the least. Hope you are feeling better soon!

I can only hope that this is not terminal!!

22 02 2008
Sarah H.

I find this rather hilarious!

I’m glad that in my distress you find joy!

23 02 2008

How do you say boo-hoo in Farsi!

I wouldn’t know. I can find out though. Thank you so much for the sympathy!!

25 02 2008
Cheryl S.

Nathaniel, I hope you are feeling better by now, and having a good day. 🙂

25 02 2008

If you search the dictionary between shi’ite and syphillis, you will find what you need………sympathy. LOL j/k Take two Benydryl, sleep for 36 hours, and you will feel better.

I do in fact feel a little better. It only took one week. A weekend of doing absolutely nothing and gallons of medicine!

26 02 2008

u forgot swahili. and I hated that love in any language song: I think er’body and their mom signed that song. ”strrrraaaaight from the heart!!! pulls us all together!! nevvvverrr apart!!”

I know that er’body and their entire family did that song. It was one of those things that “swept across Pentecost” and took everybody by storm!!

26 02 2008

In response to Chandra’s comment, we didn’t sign that song but we did perform it one year at Praise On The Mountain with everyone in international costumes. Magic Mountain’s old sound equipment dragged the tape (yes it was tape in those days) and we ended up doing everything in slow motion! What a disaster!!! It was after that year, the youth department had Magic Mountain hire PacWest sound for the concerts. It was embarrassing at the time, but now we laugh about it and sing it like Chandra’s comment – – -nevvvvvvveeerrrrrrrrr………

We also dressed up in the national costumes. I think I was from China or something like that. Not very convincing to say the least. And the less said about it the better. You don’t realize how bad tapes are until you listen to them and hear all the white noise. Now, we are even moving past cd’s because they scratch so easily. It’s much easier and cheaper to find a song in MP3 format and download it onto whatever type of player you have. I have over 2000 songs on a piece of equipment that’s not a whole lot bigger than a couple of stamps. I love technology!

28 02 2008

ahahahaha! Sis. Allard, I totally forgot that we sang it at Praise on the Mountain! I signed it at school in second grade, but thank you for reminding me of the Praise on the Mountain “horror” story. But actually, I was so proud that year. Everyone from my church…singing at the Big Bear Theatre! I was amazed. I’m def going to our photo albums to have a good laugh!!

And, Than, China? Seriously? Wow. LOL

28 02 2008

Bryce loves MP3. He has several of his trax on MP3. In fact, he used one this past Sunday night. Gotta love technology. Now if we can find soundmen that progress with the technology. LOL

Don’t know what I would do without it!!

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