On the seam or so it seems……

4 03 2008

Coffee spilling out of a perfectly good cup!  No holes, no loose lid, no leaks in the lip.  How can this be?  Today, we ponder this great mystery of the universe. 

CHEESY MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s 4:30 am.  Dark and cold.  He stumbles into Starbucks needing a lift!  Yes, the baristas are smiling.  They call him by name and fix his espresso based drink.  4 shots with whole milk.  As the smell of coffee beans begins to open clogged passageways he smiles.  All is right with the world! 

He strolls out to his now warm Jeep.  Buckles himself in and begins the long and arduous commute.  Through the darkness he rolls, sipping his drink, and munching on his cinnamon roll.  But wait, what is this feeling.  In the darkness he feels, a drip onto his freshly laundered shirt.  A groan of frustration escapes between tightly compressed lips!  How could this happen?  How could this happen again?

A turning on of the reading light proves what he has already suspected.  COFFEE HAS LEAKED OUT OF THE CUP ONTO A SHIRT THAT WAS JUST PICKED UP FROM THE DRY CLEANERS YESTERDAY!  Dastardly cup!  Unfaithful lips!  Faulty lid! Who is to blame?  More investigation is called for!

The seam!  It is always the seam.  You see when the lid is placed on the seam and then you drink though the hole that is placed on top of the seam you have BIG problems.  Without fail coffee and chocolate and steamed milk will find its way to whatever article of clothing you happen to be wearing.  Drip, drip, drip and before you know it you have spotted yourself.  Tide pens, no match for espresso and chocolate.  Napkins tremble in fear.  Beware the seam!!  Beware the seam!

So now we have concluded our journey through the dark and misty dawn and unraveled yet another of life’s complicated mysteries.  Join us next time as we waste more of your time, turn your already mushy brain more mushy,  and explore more of life’s frustrating twists and turns here on Than’s Thoughts!





4 responses

4 03 2008

Lids are the enemy. You should know that by now, Than.

They also serve as an incubator. Thought that Tall White Mocha was cooled down enough after 5 minutes of blowing through the little lid hole? Say hello to scalded tongue!

The scalded tongue is the worst. Scalded tongue and spots on the shirt might make me jump from a bridge!

4 03 2008

Great post! I think the whole problem was not the lid or the seam but the simple fact that it was 4:30 AM! Thanks for calling today.

I enjoyed the conversation. Especially the part where the kids were screaming in the background. I have a new knickname for Josh. I’ll tell you later. See ya in May! Oh yeah, the whole 430AM does have something to do with it.

5 03 2008

In the voice of Napolean Dynamite – “Freakin’ stupid, I hate when that happens.”

The more stupider part that makes me madder and madder in that it happens more than once!!

6 03 2008

YOU my dear son are CRAZY! 🙂

Hmmmm, from who did I receive this craziness?

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