Quite the mutt…

10 03 2008

I recently shaved my head!  I know, I know.  Nobody likes it except me!  And I’m the only one that matters right now.  I love the ability to “wash and wear”.  It’s fantastic and my head doesn’t have that many misshapen lumps to hide with the hair anyway.  My mom hates it.  Anyone else is at best apathetic, but I love it.  So deal with it I say. 

However, when my hair is this short you can see all of the colors of rainbow in my hair.  Let me explain.  I have black, gray and brown for the majority of my hair.  But, the sideburns have a lot of red and my eyebrows have a lot of blond!  With the buzz cut (haha) all of the different colors are more pronounced.  I owe this multi colored look not to the salon but to my ancestry!  On my dad’s side I’m German, Swede, and Cherokee Indian.  On my mother’s Cherokee and maybe a little Scots-Irish.  Now, we could delve into how all of this makes my personality….German=hard-headed, Swede=devilishly charming, etc….but we won’t do that.  The penultimate reason for this brief missive is to declare to the world that I am quite the mutt.  There are no “pure” bloodlines flowing through my veins.  I am an example of the “melting pot” that America has been for many years. 

 Oh, by the way, I am very proud to be an American!




5 responses

10 03 2008

This post is worthless without pictures.

That is a less-than-subtle hint that I long to see your bald noggin.

10 03 2008
Karla Holley

I’m in total agreement with Ryan on this one!!

10 03 2008

I’ll say two things about you, Than.
#1-There is never a dull moment when you are around.
#2-You are never boring.
I love you! 😀

10 03 2008

Ok, Ryan and Karla are right. We might defend you if we could see it. Guess you are gonna have to get the camera out.

One thing – you have given us greater understanding to your character – – – – – -it’s that red hair that is shining through. Hey, maybe we are somehow related. We are Cherokee and Scots-Irish, have two red-heads in the family,……uh-oh! This could be dangerous. LOL

Back to the hair. Brian used to have longer hair and the top began to thin. This created what I call the “Bozo” look. It became flat on top and had these big poofy sides. (Think Bozo the clown or Kenneth Phillips without the curl) That is when I suggested he shave it. He went to the salon and told them to cut it off. It looks so much better and, for an old guy, has a kinda new funky look when he spikes the little bit on top.

24 03 2008
Debbie Wiseman

I can’t imagine you with out hair. It was such your pride in the day. LOL I stumbled into your blog while doing some research on Texarkana. It was nice to read about how your doing. It would be even better to see you all some time.

I also Agree you should have posted Photo’s

Research on Texarkana huh? The hair was my pride back in the day, unfortunately I grew up, got a job that requires me to get out of bed at ungodly hours and so the “very” short hair just suits my lifestyle a little better.

So good to hear from you. Tell David and the boys that I said hello.

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