Oh how we change

17 03 2008

A couple of things happened this past weekend that really got to me and made me laugh.  I realized that the older I get the more the changes are starting to seep into my everyday life.  Let me explain…..

I’m very competitive.  Very!  I have always hated to lose at anything that I play or do.  Losing is no fun.  Second place is just the first loser….blah, blah, blah.  Well, I’ve been looking for an activity to do in lieu of “working out”.  I’m not very good at just pounding around a track to run a few miles and I absolutely hate the gym.  Bunch of ‘roided up freaks in their “baby gap” shirts (shirts that are 3 sizes to small) yelling and grunting and throwing weights around.  Come on, like anybody cares that you can bench the bar 35 times!!  I really don’t like the smell and if you know me then you know how I react to “smelly” situations.  So, I’ve been looking for a sport to play that will allow me to get in a little bit of a work out, more cardio than anything else.  I do my push-ups and sit-ups pretty regularly.  Abs of steel I’ll tell you right now!!  I’ve looked into playing hockey, even went and priced the skates and all of the equipment!  I know that I can’t skate a lick but I really like the game and I’m going to learn how to play it soon.  However, start up costs are a bit prohibitive at the moment.  Wow, this is getting really long winded.  I promise I’ll get to the part about changing here in a minute.   A buddy of mine at work has been after me to play football with he and some friends.  So I though great, go run around and get some exercise, have some fun and meet some new people.  Fantastic.  So a few days ago I went out and this is what happened……..

I got on the field.  There were about 10 people on each team.  Now, the differences between growing up in Texas and playing football and playing in a pick up flag football game in California are vast, to say the least!!  Back home we regularly played with guys who went on to play in the NFL and major college football. It was always very intense.  You know, eye black, gloves, the whole nine yards.  But it is a little different out here.  To put it more plainly, it was very laid back.  No pros here, although there was one guy who was acting like his scholarship to USC had just been pulled and he was trying to get it back.  Never the less,  there I was.  All 6’5″ which made me the biggest guy by far!  So, the game starts.  A guy catches the ball and I DIVED for his flag.  DIVED!!!  I landed painfully on my shoulder.  Now this is par for the course back home in the Republic of Texas and I would never have thought twice about it.  You know, the instincts just took over.  But when I landed on the ground a couple of thoughts went through my head, the first being OWWWWW!!  That hurt.  Well, for the rest of the game I just kind of ran around.  If the ball wasn’t thrown just right, and by just right I mean within my wing span, which is vast, then it wasn’t going to be caught.  I wasn’t jumping, diving, sliding or anything else that might involve injury to my magnificent body!  A little later the guy that was “quarterbacking” ( I put it into quotes because it was really a pitiful effort) threw the ball and it hit me in the calf.  I didn’t even try to reach down and catch it.  I mean that’s a really long way down there.  I might have fallen.  The first thought I had when the ball hit me was, “If that bruises I’m going to be really mad!”  And that is what I’m talking about.   Just how different I am from even 5 years ago.   I would have been yelling and running and jumping and diving like I was playing in the Super Bowl.   I really just wanted to have a good time and run around and get a little exercise.  I accomplished my goal without grievous bodily harm and had a good time doing it.  Maybe it’s me growing up and maybe it’s also the environment in which I was playing.  I just really can’t see getting all that upset about losing, which my team did, a game that meant absolutely nothing at the end of the night. 

 The second thing that I realized in regard to how much I’ve changed was this…..  I set down at dinner on Sunday evening and ate a lot of braised collard greens and really, really enjoyed them.  I used to abhor any type of green vegetable, no matter how great the health benefits! 

Ahhhh, ain’t growing up grand!




2 responses

22 03 2008
Kevin Hopper

Than, it really sounds like you are growing up. I know the feeling of suddenly not wanting to be the “HERO” in the football game.

Life is too short to be banged up and there arfe more things to do then to be in the hospital or rehab for weeks.LOL!!

Here is to growing “old” ! LOL!!

I would really put my self in trouble if I couldn’t show up to work because of my extra-curricular activities!! I just really don’t like to hurt is what it all boils down to. Pain is not my thing!!

22 03 2008
Tyler Sullivan

I find it hard to say this Than, but you have a lot in common with your fav football team,…… they LOSE!!!…LOL j/k. Anything planned for the big Easter weekend?

Wow, Harsh…Easter was great. It’s always a lot of fun.

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