An odd Monday

24 03 2008

Most people despise Mondays.  They abhor the thought of arising early to join the rat race again.  The care-free, relaxing days of the weekend seem long past when the alarm clock buzzes its infernal, annoying sounds on Monday.  Mondays are the bane of most people existence.  Songs are written about how terrible this day is.  Many a poem has been penned deploring this day!  Of all the days of the week it is Monday that is reviled the most. 

Well, I’ve actually enjoyed this Monday.  It has had all of the elements of a great day.  It may have something to do with the fact that I had an unexpected holiday on Friday and hadn’t been to work in a while or maybe it was just an anomaly!! Who knows?  It’s been great. 

Here in the Santa Clara Valley the day dawned clear and beautiful.  The sun warmed my chilled bones as I sipped my tea and ate my scone.  As the day progressed and co workers began arriving we all greeted each other with a warm smile and a friendly “how do you do”.  After working for about 5 hours I decided to take lunch around 11:30.  Now normally Monday is burrito day, but today just felt different.  I decided to walk over to Santana Row and have lunch outside.  Santana Row is a great place to just relax.  It is modeled on the Ramblas in Barcelona.  It has a lot of open air cafes and shopping.  I decided on Roux, a new Cajun place that has just opened.  Nothing like a little dining alfresco to enhance your day, eh!   I sat there in the sun eating my red beans and rice fully contented at that particular moment with my lot in life.  After I had eaten my fill of beans and rice I had a few beignets to top off a thoroughly enjoyable lunch.   Ahh, how sweet it is!! 




5 responses

24 03 2008

Sounds like a “perfect day” to me. I’m glad you enjoyed it!

Pretty close to perfect.

24 03 2008
Mark Pryor

Sounds like a great day. Wow, thanks for reminding me how much I miss cajun food. 🙂 Hhm, wonder where I could find some boiled crawfish in Orange County? 🙂

Good luck finding any type of Cajun in Orange County. However, I would think that you could find some mean tofu!

24 03 2008

Dude…seriously, do you guys really say, “How do you do?”

Why yes, Sir Ryan, we do. While sitting around sipping a cup ‘o tea and munching on a few cucumber sandwiches we ask each other “How do you do”, to which I always reply “I do well, thank you for asking.”

26 03 2008

UGH! I don’t like Mondays! It is not a deliberate choice but rather my body screaming “No” every time the alarm rings on Monday morning. Glad you had a good one! 🙂

I have those mornings when my body screams NO!! But usually they are on Friday when I’ve already worked enough for two weeks and haven’t even finished one.

27 03 2008
Tyler Sullivan

Mondays do seem to be a little bit more rough sometimes for people who dont really get a weekend. For instance, if you are looking down the gunbarrel of a Sunday, you dont ever truly relax until Sunday night when services are over and everything is done. Even your Saturday is going into something preparing for Sunday most of the time. Thats why I think we are “wore out” alot of the time on Monday. We go to work 5 days a week and are basically still putting everything they have into the weekend. Of course God will give you refreshing but sometimes it is just good to get away and relax. Every second, every effort and every stuggle are all worth it though when you see someone come to God and filled with the Holy Ghost. Gotta love it!

Those are my thoughts, and with those and $3.83 you can buy a white peppermint mocha from Starbucks.

Nice post bro! Glad you were able to relax on a Monday!!

I’m not usually wore out on Monday. In fact, Tuesdays are the worst day of the week for me. I think it’s because of our schedule on Sunday. We run on CST.

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