A classic…Women drivers!

3 04 2008

So this is not original with me but I couldn’t resist.  It’s just way too true and way too funny to not post.  I think I’ve actually seen this women on my way to and from work each day!! 

10th place

9th place

8th place

7th place

6th place

5th place

4th place

Bronze medal

Silver medal

Gold medal

P.S.  Why was Helen Keller such a bad driver?……She was a woman!!




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3 04 2008

Though women excelled in some other areas, a recent study found that men take less than 1/5 the amount of time to parallel park as women.

I’m just saying…

3 04 2008
Mark Pryor

That is FUNNY!!!

3 04 2008

Hey, now! Not so hard! This is one chick that is a good driver! Too fast, but good. LOL
Without sounding prejudice or racist, these women don’t hold a light to the Filipinos in our town. They are the worst drivers ever, I believe. On our residential street, we have had numerous ridiculous crashes and they have all been Filipino drivers. The most common crash is hitting the center, tree-filled divider, leveling a couple trees, blowing out the tires, and landing sideways in front of our house. Jeepers! You ought to see the ones on the main boulevard!!!

3 04 2008

I love the helmet one! Ha! Ha! Ha!
Thanks for the laugh!

I, too, like Sis. Jana, am an exception to the rule. 😀
How could I drive my Roush 427 Mustang if I wasn’t an excellent driver?! 😀

On the other hand, I do think a lot of women drivers are terrible. Wonder why? Maybe cuz they don’t enjoy it. I love to drive.

3 04 2008

Hey, Tena, I would love to race in Nascar! Wouldn’t that be a blast?!?!?

4 04 2008
Rachel - random blog viewer

Too true…. and unbelievably hilarious!!!!!!!!! LOL

4 04 2008
Josh Tredway

This is great. I got some good laughs from these pictures.

5 04 2008
Kevin Hopper

Wow! Great post and lively comments to boot! I actually saw the same scene as #5 with a car stuck in the concrete. It happened on my job site here in Phgiladelphia, PA.

5 04 2008

Look who’s writing…..Truck in the swimming pool bring back any memories?
Sorry, ‘Than I couldn’t resist.

7 04 2008

Ok, So wordpress, in all of their infinite wisdom, really messed up my dashboard so I can’t comment individually on your comment. Thanks guys I really appreciate you making my life more difficult.

Here are the responses:

Ryan: I’m just saying…..

Tena: Just because you drive you’re Roush, by the way, I’ve never even seen it so I’m beginning to doubt it’s existence, doesn’t mean that you drive it well.

Sis Allard: I refuse to comment on certain things but I will say this. Santa Clara County has the largest overseas Vietnemese population in the world!! Suffice it to say that makes things very interesting on the 280, 880, 680, 87, 85, 101 and 237!

Rachel: Thanks, it’s hard to believe that some of these things could happen but it’s true. No photoshop here!

Josh: Glad you got a laugh. I realize that you married and therefore cannot comment on this particular state of affairs without spending a few nights on the couch. Suffice it to say, I’m sure you’re doing most of the driving!

Kevin: I’ve seen some pretty amazing things. I have a great story about seeing someone drive off with the nozzle of the gas tank still in the car. Maybe I’ll post it sometime.

Mom: Thanks. You’re a real pal. Of course you wouldn’t say that it was DAD who was directing me into the pool would you? No I didn’t think so. You just don’t seem to get these stories right, including the one where you made me start washing my own clothes when I was 6 months old. I mean, I could barely reach the dryer controls. It was tough.

7 04 2008

Than, you still can comment individually on each person’s comment. Just go to your “site” – click on “visit your site” up top. Then, click on “comments” on each post you made. Then click “edit comment” on the person you want to respond to. There ya go! 🙂

Well, since you you doubt my driving abilities when you haven’t even rode with me…I’ll have to tell about YOUR driving abilities (AND DON’T DELETE THIS!). Remember the church on San Juan Road? Remember the corner of the building? How did that huge dent get there?
Oh! How about the scissor lift! Ha! I have that on video! There was a dent involved here, too. 🙂
Sorry to remind you of these episodes but, I just think you are sooooo funny!

Have a wonderful Monday! I love you! 😀

I umm I umm don’t have any idea what you are ummm talking about! At least I only run into stationary objects!

8 04 2008

Than, I am Tena’s mother, just visiting your blog. This post is toooo funny. However, I must agree with Tena. She is an excellent driver and she gets it from me. I am 71 and have never had a wreck. Only ticket I ever got was for doing a California stop at a stop sign and that was 40 years ago. However, Papa has gotten tickets and managed to let someone ram his truck and wreck it bad. I confess though when there is someone driving really rediculous in front of me, I always say: “It must be an old women or man”. Then I look in the mirror and, low and behold, I see an old women. Ha!

Hi Esther, you’re right. It is too funny! I passed a lady who was in the car pool lane going 45 miles an hour on 101 during rush hour. She had to be 112 or so! There were quite a few angry people that day!

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