Random thoughts part deux

8 04 2008

~I love my job.  My bosses actually encouraged me to play hookie from work yesterday.  Thus, I was able to spend the entire day basking in the sunshine and getting paid for it. 

~I was standing in a group of friends from work a few day ago and a co-worker said that she found a particular gentleman to “look yummy”!  I was disturbed.  Until that moment I was unaware that she was a cannibal.  I had always wondered why she had a bottle of A1 sauce in her office!  I’m glad that I’m lean.  Not much fat to flavor the meat on my bones.  I’m am now very cautious when I walk past her office. 

~I am absolutely incapable of wearing a freshly laundered shirt without spotting it.  Today the culprit was a beautiful cupcake that spewed chocolate on me!  My only hope now is that I am able to cover the spot with a tie or a jacket, otherwise I will be spending every penny that I have on the dry cleaners!

~I realized that I have a drug habit.  I spend $25 a week on espresso from Starbucks.  That add’s up to $100 a month (if my math is right)!  Does anyone know if cocaine is cheaper?

~I do not want to be fat.  I just saw a guy who was a little taller than me and his gut hung down over his belt (no, it’s not anybody you know.  He works in my building on a floor above me.  I know this because he came out of the elevator!  Brilliant!!)  He looked incredibly uncomfortable.  I do not want to be fat!!

~I’m really ready for tax time to be over with.  Why do all of my clients wait until the week before to tell me that they need the gain-loss information for their tax people.  I’m pretty sure that the tax deadline is April 15th every year.   We don’t have a simple way to generate that report.  We have to go in an manually calculate every posistion that they have.  Then we have the problem of splits, reinvestments, dividends, etc.  My stock answer now is, “I’m sorry Mr. Unprepared Millionaire, I’m a little busy and you’re just going to have to file an extension!”  Not really, but that sure would feel good.  I can’t imagine what accountant’s and tax attorneys feel like at this time of year!

~I still love my job, even during tax season!

~I thought that I had more for you but I don’t have anything else right now.  I GOT NOTHIN!




One response

10 04 2008
Kevin Hopper

Than, I guess you gave too many thoughts for people to think on ! LOL!!

I found out is is cheaper to save the $ spent and buy your own expresso machine.

In fact I remember going to retreats in Carmel/Pebble Beach and everyone brought their machines so we could stay up all night and play chess, checkers etc… The music director had a hard time getting us going the next day. LOL!!

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