This is going too far!

30 04 2008

I know that a lot of you women out there do some thing to “beautify” yourselves, but I just think this is going too far.  Below is an excerpt from a New York Post article on the lengths that women will go to achieve that “natural looking” beauty.  It’s for reason’s like these, and many more (cough, cough panty hose!!) that I thank God everyday for having been blessed to be born a male!  Enjoy!!


Women have long been known to go to great lengths for that perfect, milky white and luminous complexion. But some New Yorkers are taking it just one step further.According to the New York Post: For just $216, Shizuka Bernstein will slather your face in feces for a full 50 minutes – what she calls the “Geisha Facial” – at her Midtown spa, Shizuka New York.

The ancient Japanese cleanser – geishas and kabuki dancers have been using the bird poop to wash off their heavy white makeup since the 18th century – contains guanine, which supposedly removes pollutants and blackheads, and helps even out skin tone.







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30 04 2008

Too, than. Too.

And yes, that is possibly the most disgusting thing I’ve ever heard. This makes me suspicious of Shari; her skin is always so smooth. Perhaps…

Thanks Professor of English Ryan Austin Dean. Now that you mention it about Shari, hmmmmm…….

30 04 2008

I did not ask you all that!

I just felt the need to share. Misty, please tell me that you and Josh are not some of the people in NYC that are visiting this spa for the “poop” treatment!! I wouldn’t be able to come visit if that was the case. Looking forward to seeing ya’ll in just a few days!!

30 04 2008

YUCK! That’s sounds too far fetched to believe!

Well, if you really think about all of the things that are in womens cosmetics….It makes you wonder!!

1 05 2008

This is one chick who would rather have a blemish than slather my face in poop. UGH! Absolutely disgusting!

Ryan’s comment has caused me to now look at smooth skin with suspicion.

I will now be sniffing the air whenever I see someone with really good skin. I mean really;)

1 05 2008

Have I ever told you Grandma Pound’s remedy for blemished faces? 🙂 She might have had something going. She could have probably made a million dollars had she known people would really do such a thing. 🙂

She probably could have and I have no doubt that the remedy would work. However, I will never use that remedy or the “poopy face” either!!

1 05 2008

Hey, Than, I got to thinking how most of us hug cheek-to-cheek……well…….I might not want to be as loving to perfect skin people. LOL

Thankfully for me the cheek to cheek thing is a woman thing. Most guys just get a handshake or a quick hug. Personally, I’m all for just extending the “right hand of fellowship” and keeping my distance from everyone. I’ve always had a really big problem with feeling stubble against my cheek as well as the very uncomfortable feeling of hugging another man!! Maybe it’s just me, but in light of this latest revelation, maybe now I won’t have to get close enough to other people to smell their terrible breath!

29 05 2008

Hi, my name is Rebecca and I am working with Shizuka New York. Thanks for your coverage of the new Geisha Facial and for helping generate buzz around this new skin care trend. Because of the recent buzz, we shot a video to show that we do indeed have a sense of humor about the Geisha Facial special ingredient – nightingale droppings. Enjoy the video at

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