Random Thoughts

9 05 2008

I think that these have become my favorite columns.(can you call them columns even when you’re not writing for a newspaper?)  Hey, this is my blog.  I can do anything that I want!!  The reason that I like these little writings, you know, the ones where I give you a peek into what bounces around in my head is that I can just see you sitting there staring at you computer befuddled and saying, “I have absolutely no clue what that means.”  And that, your head scratching, makes me laugh even harder.  So without further ado……

~Anyone who knows me knows that I’m not the most sociable person in the world.  (An understatement of Titantic proportions) Hermetic is a word that has been used!  Anyway, I struggle to put it into words sometimes but this morning on the way to work I saw a bumper sticker that explained how I feel to a T!! It said, “If I promise to miss you will you go away?!”  How perfect is that (you should see the gleeful grin on my face right now)

~As I drove out of Hollister on my way to work this morning I saw that gas prices have risen to $3.99 a gallon for regular unleaded!!!  Dear God, please take me now!!  When I first started driving, “Back in the day!!”, gas was less than a $1 a gallon!  Plus, I had a 1992 Honda Accord that got about 8000 miles a gallon.  Plus, I was not driving very much!!  There is an absolute classic story about the first time that my dad grounded me from driving.  It lasted all of about 30 minutes before he said, “go to the store and get some milk for your mother”  Me, “ummm, I’m grounded from driving Dad. Remember?”  Dad, “Ok, ok  you’re not grounded anymore just go!”  Classic moment in the annals of the Hurst family.  But, lets get back to my original point $3.99, $3.99, $3.99, $3.99!!  For those of you who don’t know, I drive almost 60 miles one way to work.  I have a four-wheel drive Jeep that also happens to be a 5.7L V8.  My gas bill is now more expensive than my car payment!!  I JUST THREW UP IN MY MOUTH A LITTLE BIT!

~Third, If you ever meet my Uncle Gary, RUN!.  No just kidding, (not really),  Yes yes I am just kidding.  (Sorry, my multiple personalities just had a little arguement).  You have to get Gary to tell you the story about the bumper sticker he saw while living in Texarkana, AR.  That’s right AR! 

~I don’t know that I should let you into these area’s of my brain.  Sometimes it gets scary!!  Anyhoo, I will end it by saying, adios amigos!  Have a great weekend.  Do something fun!




One response

13 05 2008

$3.99? Is that all? We haven’t seen under $4.00 in a while and the average is around $4.30. YIKES!!! This is ridiculous!

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