27 05 2008

Amazing sidewalk art created with chalk by artists Julian Beever and Kurt Wenner. See more art here.

People avoided walking in the “hole”


From the front, as meant to be seen…

… and the side view.




4 responses

27 05 2008

I love those stupid things, man.

They are really cool. I wish that I had that type of talent….Alas, I do not have any artistic ability what so ever.

27 05 2008

These are incredible. Be kinda funny to see what peoples reactions to them are if you were there. You can find some of these guys in San Francisco doing this. Pretty sick.

I would probably fall trying to avoid the “hole”. I have seen some of these in SF. My favorite is the “bush” guy down by Pier 37 (?).

27 05 2008

I have seen some of these before and I always wondered who would want to put that much time and effort into sidewalk art that will get washed away!?!? Awesome artists but I would rather they have their work saved in a museum. Speaking of museums, I would love for America to have some museums like the Louvre and others similar.

We do have several great museums. The Smithsonian and the New York Metropolitan are awesome. America does not and will never have a Louvre. Our history is too short.

27 05 2008

Man how do people do that. I could never do that in a million years so anyway great post.

Blake, welcome to the “blogosphere”!! Don’t feel bad. As I mentioned earlier, I have no artistic ablility at all!!! These guys are pretty special when it comes to art!

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