Funny moment at Starbucks..

28 05 2008

Starbucks - starbucks icon

This morning I was standing in line at Starbucks waiting for my cocai….er coffee!  I’m not very awake in the morning.  It takes me a few hours to fully “realize my potential” in the morning.  There was a line of course, all of the other drug addicts needed there fix as well!!  The gentleman in front of me placed an order that sounded something like this.

Marginally fat guy, “Good morning.”

Barista Liz, “Good morning.  What can I get for you today?”

(By the way, these Starbucks people are really way too happy in the morning!)

Marginally fat guy, “I’ll have a venti, triple shot, non-fat, sugar free hazlenut latte.”

Barista Liz, “Anything else?”

The gentleman stared at the pastry display with a look of longing in his eyes….

Marginally fat guy, “Ummm, yeah.  I’ll have a apple fritter and one of those doughnuts there!!”

DING, DING, DING, DING, DING!!!!!!! Winner Stupidest order of the day!!!!!

Lot of good that non fat, sugar free Latte is gonna do you now pal!! 

I almost fell down on the floor and started kicking my legs!! I mean, this is ludicrous.  Why order the non fat, sugar free and then order an apple fritter AND a glazed doughnut?   Am I the only one who wants to know the answer to these very difficult questions? 




9 responses

28 05 2008
Karla Holley

LOL!! I would really like to see you on the floor kicking your legs in the middle of Starbucks!!


28 05 2008
Gene Holley

LOL!! I would really like to see Karla ROTF!!!! That was a crazy order – but I have eaten a Krispy Kreme with a diet Coke.

28 05 2008
Kevin Hopper

LOL!! That is like ordering a hamburger large fry and a Diet Coke!! I have seen people do that and I have even been brave enough to question them on the need of a “diet” Coke! : O

28 05 2008

Well, I’m guilty of ordering the hamburger, fries and Diet Coke! The REASON I do this is because I DON’T LIKE the REAL COKE! LOL!

28 05 2008

I too am guilty of ordering the Bacon Ultimate Cheeseburger from Jack in the Box large size with extra curly fries and then saying at the end “ya and diet coke to drink”…lol I think it helps ease the concience as your about to down 4000 calories in 5 minutes time….o ya and can you add an oreo milkshake onto that?….nice !!!

29 05 2008
Kassie Dutton

Hey, I’m guilty too. I don’t do sugar-free, that’s gross, but at first they looked at me funny when I said non-fat WITH whip cream. But I order it because I don’t care for whole milk. And it always has to be decaf. What’s the point, I know!! You should have fallen on the floor kicking your legs…I’m sure that would have been a little funnier than the Marginally fat guy’s order. LOL

29 05 2008

I’m going to address all of your comments in a seperate blog!! Please check the latest post for my delightful insight!

31 05 2008

You and me both! Besides, didn’t all these people get the e-mail that the sweetener used in diet drinks, Aspartame, causes brain damage?!?!? LOL

28 06 2008

ROFL !!!! That is SO TRUE !!! I’m glad I always get the SAME thing when I go! I really would have loved to seen you laughing on the floor though! hah

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