2 06 2008

Today I hit 20,000 views on this blog.  I just wanted to take a moment and thank all of you for stopping by.  I realize, from what many of you have told me, that you stop by for stress relief and a good laugh now and then.  I hope to continue that for you.  Thank you all for your comments as well. 




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2 06 2008

I don’t come here for stress relief and laughs. I come here to contaminate your comments section.

Congratulations. Now you’re only a couple hundred thousand hits behind your mom.

And you do a great job of contamination!! Thanks. I will never catch my mom. She had intelligent readers!

2 06 2008
Karla Holley



2 06 2008
Carla Clark

Way to go!


2 06 2008

Congratulations on 20,000 hits. That’s awesome!

You better be careful! I’m slowly taking over your market share! Very slowly I should add.

2 06 2008

Well, good for you! Congratulations!!!! Keep writing and I’ll keep reading!

Thank ya ma’am!

2 06 2008
Jana Allard

Congrats! Bet that number would double twice as fast if you posted a little more frequently. Now that might near sounds like begging for more of your sarcastic wit. LOL I do enjoy your sense of humor.

Probably, but that would require much more work!! And I don’t think I’m up for that! Thanks for the congratulations!

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