It’s been a while

9 07 2008

It’s been a while since I had a good rant on this blog and today just feels like the right day.  I’m not having the best day, and it’s for no particular reason.  I don’t feel that great but of course it’s Wednesday and that’s to be expected.  So here goes. 

It’s so hot!!  And no, I don’t need all of you who live in the valley or the south or the desert to write me back and tell me to be grateful.  It’s stinking hot.  Here’s what the forcast says:  Abundant sunshine and heat!!!  Great!  I moved to the bay area to get away from heat and it’s been over 100 for the past few days with no end in sight.  Plus, we’ve had all of these “wildfires” and the air quality is in the toilet.  You can’t even see the mountains because of all of the smoke! Gross.  I don’t like it.  I might move to Seattle!

The “building engineer” (read highly exalted janitor), refuses to run the air conditioning past 3:30.  So that means that the building (all 8 stories of it) bakes in the hot afternoon sunshine and all night.  When the “building engineer” gets here in the morning, sometimes around 8 but mostly about 9, he turns on the AC.  So that means that I’m sitting here all dressed up sweating.  Be careful little man, there are several of us who are planning to drop you down the elevator shaft unless something changes!!!

I have music on my iPod that I have no idea how it got there.  It’s terrible!!  I have about 1200 songs on there.  I like to play it on random while I work.  The problem is that I’m developing carple tunnel syndrome from constantly going past songs that I absolutely abhor!!  Who put this mess on my iPod?  There is one album that only has like 13 songs on it.  That would mean that approximately 1 song off of that album should play every 93 songs.  Those 13 songs are 1.0833333% of the total music.  Is this what happens?  No.  This album plays at least 1 in 10 songs.  DELETE, DELETE, DELETE!!!!! 

I’m drinking way to much water!  It doesn’t taste that good and I’d much rather have a coke or a dr. pepper.  However, in one of my very few concessions to being healthy, I limit myself to 2 carbonated little drinks of yummy goodness!!  Sometimes when I take a drink of water I can feel my system rebelling!!  The urge to spit out the water and run screaming for the nearest conveinence store is almost overwhelming. I take a deep breath and then swallow and gag!!!  And that doesn’t mention the other unpleasant side effects of constantly drinking water!! 

Vitamins are the nastiest thing in the world.  I taste my multi-vitamin all day!  Gross.  I’m not sure it’s worth it!  Who told us all that we need to take this mess?  And has anybody really verified it or is it another myth like “global warming”? 

I’m tired of the presidential race already and we have until the day before my birthday until its over.  I don’t remember being this bored with a presidential race and I’m usually pretty interested in politics.  Is it just me or are these two “candidates” incredibly dull?  Speaking of which, I really don’t know that much about McCain because I never hear anything about him.  It’s like he’s running a campaign in obscurity!!  Just get it over with.  Can we move the election up or get some new candidates please?




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9 07 2008
Karla Holley

LOL!! Sorry you’re having a bad day – I’m sure there’ll be another good day soon! I’d help you with the elevator shaft if I was near – I HATE to be hot!! Why are you taking a multi-vitamin if you’re drinking Monavie?!! Do you need both?

You hate to be hot yet you live in Texas. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results=). Like expecting to not be hot and live in Texas! Just kidding. I don’t drink Mon Vie. It upsets my stomach!

9 07 2008
Josh Tredway

Mamma said there would days like this….

Yes she did. But now I can’t get any sympathy since I am “all grown up”!

9 07 2008

For selfish reasons of my own, I enjoy when you have a day like this so I can just sit here and smile.

And the taste of vitamins are worth the craziness they give you during certain times of the day.

It is friends like you Ryan who cause me to thank God that I have very few enemies! Thanks for rejoicing in my pain you Job’s comforter!

I am not sure of this “craziness” that you speak of!

9 07 2008

Pooooorrrrrr Than! LOL! I sure hope your get better SOON! But, it is funny to hear you ranting and raving! LOL! You’ll get cool weather before long. Don’t worry….be HAPPY!

I’m happy that now the cool weather is here!

9 07 2008
Jana Allard

I can’t stand to be hot either, so here’s my take on this scenario. If the a/c is turned off at 3:30, that should mean everyone leaves the building and quits for the day at 3:30. Now, either the little squirt gets the a/c turned on at least an hour before your arrival, or else your arrival time should change to an hour after he gets the air on. Instead of throwing him in the elevator shaft for not cooperating, take him hostage, drive him to where I live, and we will put him to work in the fields chopping cotton all day in 113 degree heat. One way or another, he will learn the importance of a/c.

As for vitamins – they are gross, taste yucky, and I can only tolerate them if I have something to eat when I take them.

The political season is insanely focused on Obama. Hillary was out before she got started and, who is McCain? He’s part of this presidential campaign?

We’ve complained ad nauseum to the building manager. But they think that we peon’s on the ground floor are just crazy! GRRRRRRR!

Vitamins are unfortunately a nessacary evil!

10 07 2008

DRINK your vitamins, Than. They won’t come up in your esophagus all day. 😀

Hope you are feeling better today. Missed you at church.

I missed being there. Drinking those nasty concoctions are worse than swallowing a pill! Everything comes back up in my esophagus!

11 07 2008

I’m skipping the topic of heat altogether. Never mind the fact that it is hotter than Satan’s toenails and Delano is 5 miles from the steep pits of hell…I shant complain.

Presidential race? What race? When I ran for ASB president in 8th grade and sr class president in 12th it was a much better campaign and no one even wanted to run against me. Jeez.

As far as I’m concerned the weather, ur glorified janitor, the air quality, and the 08 campaign are all cr*p. Boo.

Chandra, I agree completely with your assessment of the situation! The devils toe nails are indeed hot, not to mention very unsightly!

28 07 2013
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