Summer lull

11 07 2008

We have officially reached the “summer lull” here at work.  This can best be described as when both clients and fellow employee’s take monstrously long vacations!   As I alluded to in the previous post the weather has been horrific but there looks like a break for the next few days as it will not get above 85.  Nice!  During the summer lull there is very little to be done.  Clients laying around on sun drenched beaches in places like Mexico, the Caribbean, and the South Pacific tend not to care as much that the market has fallen over 20% since October of last year.  Less irate clients means that the stress level in the office goes down considerably!  Nice.  Less irate clients mean less irate bosses means bosses on vacation means very relaxed atmosphere and hence the disease that I’m about to tell you about. 

Several people in the office, (ahem, not me!) have been afflicted with the MeNoWannaWorkie syndrome!  This dastardly sickness affects even the best of us when the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, the beaches are calling, the mountains are beckoning, etc!  Since the work load is very light today and it also happens to be a Friday, there is a lot of hacky sack, baseball, lacrosse and hockey being played in the office.  Also, since it is such a beautiful day, Santana Row, which is just a few paces to my right, beckons!  Ben and Jerrys, Peets, Starbucks, and numerous eateries that offer dining al fresco are just a short jaunt away!  In addition to *cough*cough* all of the work that is being done, well, people have already started the weekend by leaving work a little early.  It’s only 11 AM.  Don’t worry, we’re taking good care of your money!

On a totally random note, which my father calls “chasing rabbit’s”, there is a song that I really like.  Now, let me preface my remarks by saying that I am normally not a big fan of Southern Gospel, read terrible, terrible, awful, music.  I was raised in the South but because of this music being force fed to me, especially on Sunday mornings when the radio would be tuned to Jet Rodgers and the absolutely horrific music that he played, i.e Devil’s in the Phone Booth, Excuses (why the whole family had to stay home, Just to blow that poor kid’s nose), and so many other songs that I refuse to remember because of the traumatic memories that surface, I just don’t like Southern Gospel.  No, that’s not right!  I abhor the vast majority of this genre of music.  If you like it, that’s great.  You have a right to have poor taste in music.  We all have our faults.  Some faults are larger than others and if you posses this awful one, I will pray for you and a quick deliverance! May God have mercy upon your soul!  However, the one exception that I will admit too is “The Eagle Song” by the Gaither Vocal Band.  It was written by Russ and Lori Taff and was originally recorded by the Imperials many moons ago!  I just listened to the song 4 times in a row and was very tempted to listen a 5th time!  Great great song. But don’t ask me to listen to Squire Parsons, Signature Sound, the Nelons, the Florida Boys, the Hemphills, Karen Peck and New River, the Easters,  et. al.    I only know so much about it because of the terrible things I was forced to listen to as a young child who had no control of the radio in our house!




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11 07 2008

My son, I think thou dost protest to loudly. 🙂 And, by the way, “The Eagle Song” is not southern gospel. Probably why you like it. The Imperials were a far cry from Southern Gospel. And….besides all of that, don’t begrudge it to much. It put butter on your toast for several years while you were growing up. 🙂 Love ya anyway! 🙂

I don’t think it(Southern Gospel) put butter on my toast. I’m pretty sure that was you and I’ve really never heard the imperials I just know what I’ve heard said about them!

11 07 2008

Woo-hoo! Get him Mom! The Landmark Trio was one of the most loved SOUTHERN GOSPEL groups around when you were growing up, Nathaniel, of which your parents were 2/3rds of! You don’t have to like it, but don’t knock it!!!! LOL! Love you anyway!

Aunt Linda, please. My mom needs no encouragemnt to “get me!” Ha, I know the Landmark Trio was LOVED and I loved them too. Mostly because they were my parents and for a while my “older brother” I’m not knocking it I’m just saying that I don’t like it very much!

11 07 2008
Karla Holley

Ahem!! AND…. if I remember correctly YOU played drums for that extremely southern group – Landmark Trio!!

I, also, have to say “The Eagle Song” is NOT southern gospel. If you’d take the time to listen to the rest of THAT GVB recording – there is some pretty incredible music on there. You should especially listen to “Home of Your Dream”!!!

Also, Russ Taff’s wife’s name is Tori – not Lori.

Oh! How in the wide world of sports could I have gotten that wrong? Signature Who? Oh are they those weird looking guys with the bad suits and hair that jump around on the stage like they forgot to take the Ridalyn?

AND… you can say anything you want about any of them, BUT you better leave Signature Sound alone!!!!!! LOL!!!

Love you!

11 07 2008
Jana Allard

WOW! Touch not Southern Gospel music or there is a dogpile on Than. LOL Welllllllllll, the song may not originated as Southern Gospel but it is sold in the Southern Gospel department. I just have a feeling you must have had a spiritual moment or……………it could be an awakening! JEEPERS!!!!! THAN IS GOING SOUTHERN ON US!!!! 🙂

BTW, I think freeWAY can do “Oh What A Savior” as good as Ernie Haas and Sig. Sound. 🙂 Now Karla can jump off you onto me. LOL j/k

Just as soon as I wrote this post I was told that I was no longer welcome at the next family reunion…..And get this, we haven’t even planned the “next family reunion.

12 07 2008
Karla Holley

LOL! Jana! I’m sure freeWAY can do that song incredibly well. Actually – that’s not one of my favorites of Signature Sound – although I like it. I like their “newer” music better.

14 07 2008
Melissa Reighard

Jet Rodgers woke me up many a Sunday Morning, too. I guess every Sunday morning would be a better way to say it. Much of that music was too funny for words. Remember “Walkin’ ’round my bedside’ (or something like that)? Ha ha. But I must profess I do like some Southern Gospel (and Sis. Hurst, I still have all the Landmark Trio tapes.)

Yikes, what did we ever do to deserve Jet Rodgers. Well, at least it got better at 9 when the “Sounds of Pentecost” came on!

15 07 2008

Haha Jet Rodgers!!! Remember how he used to say www. He made w have 3 syllables!!! Haha!! And don’t forget he loved to play the Mckamies(?)!! Horrid music!!! That’s hick music, but I love GOOD southern gospel.

HAHA! Yeah, I’m pretty sure he didn’t know what the “interweb” was!! Stop with the McKamies. You’re dredging up memories that I thought I had buried years ago. I’m gonna need years of therapy because you reminded me of them. =0!

And yeah, I know that you LOVE GOOD SOUTHERN GOSPEL music, but in the dictionary that’s not even a string of words you can put together. Try it and your computer will self destruct in 25 seconds…!!!!

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