Why do you keep bugging me?

23 07 2008

No I don’t want to buy a tshirt to help the “endangered” turtles of Thailand.  I have to work.  You should probably try it. This is now the third time that you’ve come by my desk and asked me.  I’ve seen all the little cards that you leave around.  By the way, the cards you left in the bathroom are soaking wet and the ink is running into the sink!  Smart, but then nobody has ever accused you of being the sharpest knife in the drawer have they?  And don’t look at me like I’m a cruel, heartless human being who cares only for himself. I’ve given more money to charity than you spend on your clothes.  I’ve given to Hurricane Katrina and Rita relief, cancer research, AIDS research and I’ve given a lot of money to my church.  I just don’t really care about the stupid turtles.  Who knows, you’re probably gonna take my money to go buy more fake Gucci (Fucci) shoes!  Leave me alone!




2 responses

23 07 2008

Yes! Down with the turtles!

The hare

25 07 2008

Not very kind.

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