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25 07 2008

Should your religious views be the same as your political ones?  Does everything you believe in your religion translate to how you feel about politics?  Are there some things that you believe to be foundational truths in your life that you feel like should be law?  I would love to hear from people on both sides.  I think that it is a very interesting debate for this reason:  There are some things that I believe to be absolutely wrong (in a biblical sense) that I can’t say people shouldn’t have the choice to make. 

Just trying to provoke a little honest thinking.




One response

29 07 2008
J. Wilder

Seatlle 2007 I flew to Seattle to attend a conference hosted by Focus on the Family called The Truth Project (used the materials for campus ministry seminars). While there, I met the man behind the Truth Project, Dr. Del Tacket. Since then, I’ve regularly read his blogs, newsletters, etc… Smart guy and frequently talks about current affairs, worldview issues, etc.

All that to say, I think this discussion is going somewhere that one of his previous blog posts did: “Theocracy Argument” (there’s 3 parts!). Knowing you, I think you’ll enjoy it (including other’s comments). It has made for a good discussion here in Sacramento.


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