Proud to be an American

28 07 2008

Today I had a moment that made me proud to be an American all over again!!  It wasn’t the sight of Old Glory waving in the breeze.  It wasn’t a pair of F16’s streaking overhead.  I wasn’t anything that might ordinarily cause goose bumps and chills.  It was simply the food court at the mall!! 

Where else can you get all of the many different food choices in such a concentrated area.  Russia…I think not.  France……no!  Germany……nein!  England….perish the thought!  Only in the United States of America can you find Mexican, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, McDonald’s, American, sea food, bistro’s, Subway, Haagen-Daas, and so many more!  Wow!  The smells that emanate from the food court waft throughout the mall drawing the hungry shopper.  Never in the history of mankind has this smorgasbord of delight been so readily available to the masses.  It was this that made me so proud to be an American. 

May God bless the United States of America and food courts across our great nation!




3 responses

28 07 2008
Kevin Hopper

Than, That is so true from my travels overseas, I was happy to see a McDonalds and that was all we found after two weeks on the go!

What actually got me to thinking along those lines was a couple who had obviously never been in a food court. Their eyes were huge!!

28 07 2008

I hate the mall, I hate food courts, and I hate McDonald’s.

However, I am quite fond of this “America” place to which you keep referring.

Dude, we all know that you are a counter culture human! Stop with the madness! Let me enjoy my foodcourts. I don’t really like the mall either but its a great place to people watch!

29 07 2008

Just enjoyed fish tacos @ Rubio’s in the food court the other day. Gotta love that. 🙂

Just had pizza and ziti from Sbarro!

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