Preachers Kid

29 07 2008

Before I begin this in depth analysis of being a preacher’s kid I just want to say that I am listening to “Deck the Halls”.  It’s July 29th and I’m already listening to Christmas music.  STOP THE MADNESS!!!!

I put together a comprehensive list of experiences that may help you remember if you are a preachers kid or not.  You know, just in case you can’t remember!! Ha!  I want to state that I loved growing up in a preachers home and hope that my children get to experience the same thing someday.  Well, that’s if I ever have children.  I wouldn’t want to have grown up any other way.  I thought it was the best thing.  I got to experience so many unique events and travel the states with my dad as he preached all over.  It was more fun than a kid should be allowed to have.  I met very interesting people and I have friends from coast to coast because I was privileged to be raised as a PK.  With all that being said, there are some unique things that PK’s get to go through that no other group of people on the planet get to experience.  Enjoy.

If you’ve ever been left sleeping underneath the front pew at church, you’re probably a PK.

If you’ve ever been left while playing in a part of the church where no one could find you!

If you’ve ever had a saint tell your parents that you should be disciplined because you are the preachers kid but they won’t discipline their children for the same thing! (Thankfully my parents never did that to me!)

If you’ve spent over a year of your life on a camp ground..(I added it up one time with my best friend Jared.  We spent way over a year of our life in Lufkin, TX.  We spent every June, (all four weeks), in a little cabin on the Texas District Campground.  I wouldn’t change it for the world!  But, I’ve not been to more than 2 days of any kind of camp in over 6 years!!)

If another preacher has ever gotten you in trouble for throwing mashed potatoes on Sis. Bible’s new curtains! (Thanks Bro Wheeler.)

I you’ve ever told your classmates, “My dad doesn’t have a job.  He’s a preacher!” True story.  My sister told her class that. 

If you’ve ever feared that the rapture has taken place because you can’t find your parents and you just know that they are “gone” forever! (this can include all Pentecostals)

If you’ve ever had a family vacation canceled by a death in the church.  (always was made up to us by my parents.)

If “take your child to work day” held no luster for you because you already spent every night at the church anyway.

If your parents ever said to you as you tried to be sick for church, “throw up and prove it”, and then when you did said, “now don’t you feel better. Go get dressed!” HA!

If you’ve ever thrown every worldly CD out the window of your truck on the way home from a very powerful service and then 3 days later driven back through the area very slowly trying to find the CD’s again!  If it has happened more than once!

If you’ve ever “been slain in the spirit out of self defense”!

There really are so many more that could be added.  Feel free to add yours in the comment section!




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29 07 2008

Man, except for the mashed potatoes on the curtains and telling the teacher that your dad doesn’t have a job, I can concur with every single one of these.

What really resonated with this one-God, apostolic, tongue-talkin’, holy-rollin’, heaven-bound believer in the liberating power of Jesus name PK is throwing away hundreds of dollars of CDs out of the window of my old red Civic.

Hundreds of dollars wasted buying the same Cd’s that you threw out the window two days ago!

29 07 2008
Kevin Hopper

I am sure a lot of Pentecostal youth can relate to what you said even if they are not PK’s. I don’t remember throwing away CD’s but I remember having “consecration services” and watching the youth throw away paper grocery bags full of Cd’s and tapes in Houston Tx.

We had a few of those ourselves.

30 07 2008

If you’ve ever had to wait for at least an hour after church while your father counseled with someone and all your friends had already left and gone home. 🙂 (My experience, not yours) We all came to church in the same car so Mother and I could not go home. And then when I said, “I’m going to honk the horn”, Mother had a conniption and gave me a lecture on…”If you ever want to be a preacher’s wife”… 🙂 At that time I sure didn’t! LOL

I may have heard that story before!:)

30 07 2008
Chandra Lockett

Yep! This pretty much goes for anyone born and raised in Pentecost. It would be interesting to also count up how many services we’ve attended and preachers we’ve heard. Amazing!

Thousands I’m sure. I am also sure that I’ve heard every verse in the Bible preached twice. Yes, even the pages where everybody begat everybody else!

31 07 2008
Jen Connell

If you say bye 10 times to everyone your family went out to eat with after church because you’re dad keeps telling you it’s time to go, and then starts talking to a preacher again…

Can relate to pretty much all of the ones you posted…lol

Jen, what about falling asleep in the restaraunt? That happened more times than I can count!

1 08 2008
Carla Clark

One that I could add to your list is, you know you’re a preacher’s kid when one of your favorite past times is hanging your feet in the baptistry as it’s being filled.

18 08 2008

If u tried to “get drunk” or get a really good blessing to avoid being spanked for bad behavior in church!!! Or if while crawling through the pews your hand gets stomped on by someone shouting!!

23 08 2008
Laura Lynn

If you were ever asked what your father’s sermon was about and you began spouting off the lecture he gave you at home for listening to rock n roll.

If you were ever asked to tell the story of the Bible.

If Sunday afternoons ment the baptist Nap

You know what awana is

You know what PK is.

You havng out with the Deacon’s kids every Sunday

You look forward to church camp because it is like hearing a guest preacher.
You know what a Chalk talk is.

6 11 2012

i’m Nigerian and i can definitely relate to almost all u and ur friends have written. Hilarious though… lemme see if i can add a few…true stories.
You are a PK…
…If your breakfast on sundays is either around 5a.m in the morning or 7p.m at night!
…If you don’t know exactly when you gave your life to Christ!
…If you NEVER introduce youself as a PK.
…If you’re not sure you want to be a Pastor in the near future! This is how far i can go..for now.

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