Happy August!

1 08 2008

My friend, Ryan Dean, texted me the other day at 9:30 in the morning Louisiana time and said, “It’s about 100 degrees with 749% humidity.  Are you sure you don’t miss it here?”  I replied, “It’s 63 and sunny. Eh, Na I’m good here.”  As I write it’s 71 and more importantly it feels like 71.  The weather in Texarkana, TX where I grew up is 95 and feels like 105!! HA! 

I remember a few years ago when a friend of mine got married in August in West Monroe, LA.  The candles on the platform kept getting blown out by the air conditioning so what did the bride insist upon?  Why, we must turn the air off of course.  I was standing there in my monkey suit completely soaked in sweat.  Ryan was standing next to me.  I’m sure that it was a beautiful wedding full of love and the spirit of God but I don’t remember anything except the rivulets of sweat running down my body!

So when August dawns upon us here in California, I drop to my knees and say a little prayer of thanks to the Lord God of Heaven for allowing me to escape the brutal summers of East Texas.  Tomorrow 79.  Sunday 78.  Monday 79.  Tuesday 81.  Wed 81.  Thursday 79.  Friday 79.  Saturday 79.  Sunday 80.  Texarkana TX 10 day forecast…..Today 96.  Saturday 102.  Sunday 104 (oh god!)  Monday 103.  Tuesday 99(a cooling trend!!)  Wednesday 96 (a cold front blows through town).  Thursday 97. Friday 95!! And on and on and on! 

August in the south means, turn up the air, lock the doors and pray that you don’t have to go outside unless it is to jump in the lukewarm pool and try to float away your sorrows!  Who cares if the lawn grows taller than the house?  It’s hot!  I remember dressing on Sunday’s in tie and suit just knowing that before I could get the a/c started in the car I would be drenched in sweat.  My glasses would fog up as soon as I walked from the cool air out into the “sauna”.  August in Texas means that condensation forms on the inside of the windows. 

Nope, I’m happy here.  Don’t want to move back.  Loved TX while I lived there but I have become spoiled by living in the closet place to heaven this side of the rapture.  I love August……Now!




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1 08 2008
Jennifer Dunn

OMG!!!!!!!!!! Than I am sooo dying laughing at this post but its b/c i sit here in august inside hot b/c the air conditioning is trying to keep up with the heat outside! I am so envious of you out in Cali with 87 degree weather!

Hey Jenn, so good to hear from you. Your baby is gorgeous! I remember those days when it was so hot there was nothing the air could do to keep up. I’m glad that I don’t have to deal with it anymore! Good luck this summer!

1 08 2008

Way to rub it in, Than.

And yes, I recall the Niagara Falls coursing its way down my back in that rented tux at the wedding. I remember you insisting that this is what Hell must feel like, etc.

Enjoy your nice West Coast weather before that part of the U.S. falls into the ocean (which it inevitably will).

I know how to swim! Plus, I’ll gladly take the chance of falling off into the ocean if it means that I don’t have to deal with hurricanes, tornadoes, and the brutal all encompassing heat that slowly chokes the life out of a person every summer!! That wedding was so hot that I still haven’t recovered.

1 08 2008
Tracie Smith

Than, I heard the heat index was 110 here today…rub it in! Ha

Ouch!! Sis Smith I’m sorry that you have to deal with that! Hopefully Edouard doesn’t take ya’ll out to bad.

1 08 2008
Karla Holley

LOL!! Thank goodness for A/C!!!!!!!

The discussion in this post is the main reason San Francisco is our destination of choice for vacation in AUGUST!!

Can’t wait to see you! The weather should be perfect.

2 08 2008

Let’s see…our weather this week was 110 degrees on Monday, and over 100 every day after that. WAIT…I think one day we got a “cool” front and it was 99. UGH! However, you may not want to get too puffed up, Mr Rub It In Our Faces….I do remember a summer in Stockton that was over 100 for few days. You just never know… 🙂 lol

But you see I don’t live in the Valley! We always get the cool ocean breeze. Stockton gets as hot as TX sometimes but not us so HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

2 08 2008

I just have to say, “you’re right” this time! 🙂 It’s HOT!!!!! in TEXAS!

Aunt Linda, I’m usually right! Ha! It’s seems to be extra hot this year. However, I would take a little heat right now for a bacon, cheese whataburger! Oh how I need a whataburger. It’s been two years since my last one!

4 08 2008

Hi, I’m just blog surfing and saw your post.

Ha! The wedding story is hilarious…I was in a wedding in Phoenix on April Fool’s day a few years back and same exact story!!! The a/c was blowing the candles out and the bride insisted it be turned off. They had record breaking temps that day and the temp was 106 degrees (probably no humidity though, can’t remember). It was still hot! We were wearing heavy bridesmaid suits/dresses made out of some type of tapestry material. One of the bridesmaids almost passed out, her husband literally carried her out the side door while the bride was singing. I got a hacking cough that would not go away, my nephew got sick everywhere ( he was the miniature groom). It ended up pretty much being a nightmare. I think in the long run it would have been better to just leave the candles be and leave the a/c on! 😀

The things we go through for our friends (lol)……

Anna, thanks for stopping by. Most of my friends have gotten married so hopefully I won’t have to endure the fires of torment many more times. I know that Phoenix can be brutally hot!! No humidity but when it is 115 who cares!!

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