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5 08 2008

Before I rant a little I just want to say that I am eating the best chocolate chip cookie that I have ever had in my life.  It’s from Ben and Jerrys Ice cream shop.  Seriously the best.  I love treats!!

While reading earlier this morning I came across an article regarding a new discorvery of over 100,000 apes.  Here is an excerpt:

An estimated 125,000 Western lowland gorillas are living in a swamp in equatorial Africa, researchers reported Tuesday, double the number of the endangered primates thought to survive worldwide.

Forest clearings draw large numbers of Western lowland gorillas searching for food.

Forest clearings draw large numbers of Western lowland gorillas searching for food.

Here’s a few Marge!!

“It’s pretty astonishing,” Hugo Rainey, one of the researchers who conducted the survey for the U.S.-based Wildlife Conservation Society, told CNN Tuesday.

The last census on the species, carried out during the 1980s, estimated that there were only 100,000 of the gorillas left worldwide. Since then, the researchers estimated, the numbers had been cut in half.

WCS survey teams conducted the research in 2006 and 2007, traveling to the remote Lac Tele Community Reserve in northern Republic of Congo, a vast area of swamp forest.

Acting on a tip from hunters who indicated the presence of gorillas, Rainey said that the researchers trekked on foot through mud for three days to the outskirts of Lac Tele, about 80 kilometers (50 miles) from the nearest road.

Gorillas have been listed as critically endangered for years.  Critically endangered is the most severe level for endangered species. 

My first thought when I read this little nugget was, cool.  That’s great that they found some more gorillas.  Lord knows I would be destitute if say, there were no more gorillas to be found!  Even if I’ve only seen said primates in the San Diego Zoo.  But then I had an epiphany and that was YOU HAVE GOT TO BE FLIPPING KIDDING ME!!!!!  How hard is it for people to just do their jobs?  I know that my ignorance of the Central African Republic of the Congo is vast.  I mean, I’ve never been there but still, it’s your job to find the big furry creatures and you just now happen to find over 100,000 apes?  Yes it was miles off the beaten path.  Yes it Africa where it’s hard to get around.  So you had to walk over 80 kilometers in mud.  It’s your job.  You get paid for this stuff.  Presumably these people are experts.  How can you just now find over 100,000 apes?  I mean wouldn’t all the missing banana’s point you in the right direction.?  What about the loud grunting noises?  Clues anyone?  Can anyone say, gross incompetence?   How many of you would your boss let you keep your job in light of such a magnificent flaming error?  Not many I would say?  Ah, and here’s the greatest part……they’re going to keep the species on the critically endangered list because they just aren’t sure if these are real apes!  Just kidding. 

Couple of other things that I wonder on a daily basis:

When did it become okay to bring your screaming child to work for an entire day?  Our company gives you 12 weeks of paid maternity leave!  12 WEEKS!  Thank you!

How many people are blessed with a mirror of some kind in their house?  Judging by the way some people look, not many. 

When did “long and stringy” become an acceptable description of hair in the workplace?

As is evidenced in this post I really really need a vacation.  I’m leaving tomorrow and won’t be back for several days.  Please do your utmost to survive without my pithy and poignant observations. 




4 responses

5 08 2008

Than, I enjoyed your post as always. I’m just sad that Scott voiced his ignorant opinion on your blog.

Thanks. I took care of the other comment!

5 08 2008
manny is a dodger

pour apes now their peaceful area they live in will be invaded and soon enough theyll be in the endangered list once again thank s to this great discovery. let them be pretend they werent found.

7 08 2008

lol That was so funny. Poor apes they will now start becoming trophies on someones wall.
Thanks for the much need laughter.
Sis Noel

9 08 2008
Kevin Hopper

Than, as always you have your unique way of stating the facts! I agree with your evaluations that you shared with us today! LOL!!

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