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12 08 2008

Gasp!  When I went to the homepage to log in WordPress, in all of its infinite wisdom, has moved the log in from the right to the left.  It only took me 15 minutes to figure out the change!  Oh, by the way, I hate Tuesdays!

I went to Camp Meeting last week.  Wow!  I came out of my little hidey hole for a few days and actually mingled with other people.  It’s not all its cracked up to be let me tell you!  Ha.  Just joking.  I enjoyed myself which surprised me tremendously!  I’m not a big fan of large crowds of people or dirt, both of which are present in abundance in Santa Maria, CA the first week of August.  I still haven’t quite adjusted to Camp Meeting in a tent yet.  I do enjoy the services though.  As proof of me not adjusting I offer you the evidence of me polishing my black dress shoes before service Wednesday evening.  By the time I made it from the car to my seat my black dress shoes were more of a dusty gray!  Since I was wearing a gray suit that night I just kinda blended all together.  To be serious for  a moment there were some great things that happened.  If you’ve never heard Rev. Bill Davis from Macon, GA  you owe it to yourself to listen to him.  He’s really an outstanding preacher/teacher.  Bro. Jerry Jones was the night speaker and he did a phenomenal job as well.  Plus I got to see some friends and even make a few new ones; no small task I assure you.  Most people are born with the small talk gene but somehow I got passed over when God was dealing that one out.  How do you make small talk with someone you’ve never met…..Weather’s nice. Yup!  That’s all I got!  If you have some advice on how to make “senseless” conversation feel free to pass them along! 

Now all of you California natives don’t go getting all offended on me!  I really did enjoy Camp this year.  I’ll be back next year for more tortu… fun!  If you want to see pictures you’ll have to go somewhere else.  I don’t even own a camera and if I did I wouldn’t take pictures anyway.  I’m sure that if my life needs to be recorded in pictures for later generations my mother and uncle will have taken enough to fill a small garage! 

I’ll talk to all of you party people at a date that has not been determined in the future of mankind when we are all there!!!  Later late.




5 responses

12 08 2008
Carla Clark

For someone that was not blessed with a “talk” gene (I wasn’t either), you do really well at expressing yourself on your blog! lol

I am amazed that y’all had campmeeting in a tent! Can you imagine that in Lufkin, TX???

If camp meeting was held in a tent in Lufkin, TX in June the attendance would be exactly 0!!! It’s not the fact that we have it in a tent that bothers me. The weather is beautiful and it rarely gets that hot. The problem in the dirt! On the shoes, in the hair, in the nose hair, etc…..

18 08 2008

I miss the tabernacle!!! But not the heat or humidity! Oh well.

Well, into each life a little rain must fall!

18 08 2008
Jana Allard

Well, I’m glad you came out of your “little hidey hole” and showed your mug at camp. Bro. Smith can add another victory to his totals. LOL Seriously, it was nice chatting with you and I hope all is going well for you.

Occasionally it does the body good to get out a little. Kinda like milk! It was good to see you too. Hope to see ya’ll sooner than camp next year.

20 08 2008
Leah West

hahahaha…Than you are hilarious! I am with you on the camp meeting in a tent. Unfortunately I have no advice on the “small talk” issue, let me know what pointers you get, I could use a few! 🙂

Leah, here’s my plan. Next year all of us who don’t make small talk well will stand in a circle awkwardly shuffling our feet and staring at the ground. How does that sound?

21 08 2008
Josh Tredway

It was nice to see you at Camp Meeting although we did not get a chance to talk. My wife and I did hang out with your sister and Matt and we got to know them better. We are hoping to come your way soon and visit.

A smile and a wave across a sea of people! Can’t beat it. Ya’ll are welcome to visit anytime.

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