Manic Monday

8 09 2008

It’s Monday!  I know, for all of you who get to ease into the week Mondays don’t turn out that bad for you.  It wasn’t that long ago that I didn’t necessarily mind Monday that much.  When you are in college you get the option of scheduling classes later in the day.  Even at a couple of jobs we were able to slide into Monday like a fat man getting into a swimming pool full of ice…….very gingerly!!  Not at this one.  It’s more like sitting in a jet plane that is hooked to the catapult on an aircraft carrier.  O to Mach 25 in about 1.375 seconds.  It’s more drastic when the Federal Government takes action on a weekend like they did this weekend for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  Oh well, at least I got to sleep on the way to work this morning!  That is the great thing about commuting. 

For all of you football fans, the fat lady is slipping into her tutu and warming up the old vocal chords.  Your 2008 Super Bowl Champions……America’s Team……The Dallas Cowboys!!  Ah, sweet success tastes so good.  What’s that?  I’m jumping the gun a little?  Nah, it’s in the bag!  Lombardi Trophy numero seis will look so nice sitting in Big D!!

On a more serious and infinitely more important note, two of our “bus kids” got the holy ghost at a youth rally on Friday night!!  It was so awesome to watch as they were filled with the Spirit of the Lord.  Too cool for words. 

I’d also like to give a shout out to Jason West.  If you don’t know Jason and Leah West you are truly missing out on knowing some great, great people.  Jason is the youth director of our section, Section 5 of the Western District.  He is the best sectional director that I have  ever been around.  At our back to school rally on Friday night there was probably 500 people and the power of God was incredible!  What an awesome move of God we experienced.  Jason makes sure that every youth and student ministry in our section is represented at least once a year.  He uses everyone’s music, drama or sign team throughout the year.  It has the effect of making everybody from San Francisco to Monterey feel included.  They say that the proof is in the pudding and the Wests definitely have the proof!!  Friday night the power of God was so strong you could almost see it.  Thank you Jason and Leah West, Justin Hogue and the San Fransisco Lighthouse chorale!  Ya’ll were awesome!

I’ll leave you with a few “motivational posters”!  Enjoy the week.





7 responses

8 09 2008

*Pulls something while ROFL at the skateboard poster*

Dude, I thought that was you in that poster??!!!

8 09 2008
Karla Holley

I know YOU say 19-0 this year (16-0 for regular season), but I’m gonna go with 12-4 for regular season and 15-4 counting their wins in the playoffs and winning the Super Bowl!!!! Go Cowboys!!!!!!!

NO! I think that we will not even be in a close game all year. A minimum of 24 to 0 scores over the rest of the schlebs in the league and of course a sweet super bowl trophy to go with it!

9 09 2008
Gene Holley

Love the posters! LOL!!

Glad u enjoyed! Maybe we should make one for you?

9 09 2008
Josh Tredway

Cowboys??? Superbowl??? What??? Come on now. : ) Hearing about two of your bus kids getting the Holy Ghost is exciting. I know Jason West and he is a great person. He has preached a few of our youth rallies. A wonderful preacher and youth working. There is nothing like watching one of your young people get the Holy Ghost, all the time and effort instantly pays off. Have a great week!

Surely thou jest? What are you a communist? True Americans are fans of America’s Team!! You’re right about everything else that you said though.

9 09 2008

Shhh…don’t tell, I’m secretly a Cowboys fan! My hubby is a 49er fan, so I’m forced to stay on the down low.

I agree, Jason and Leah West are awesome!

Ok…I gotta go, I’m a little scared because I agreed with everything in your post. I need more prayer than I thought.

Maybe we can have special prayer with you tonight…..or your agreeing with me is just another sign of your intelligence.

10 09 2008
Leah West

Thank you for the kind words. What an unexpected surprise to find today when I went to get my regular fix of your blog =) (I needed a good laugh). I think the youth rally was one of the best we have had so far – is it just my imagination or are they getting better and better?!?!


10 09 2008
Leah West

oh…and I absolutely HATE FOOTBALL, so have not comments regarding that. I hope this doesn’t affect our friendship…lol

Well, just because ya’ll are great with the sectional youth, I will let you not liking football not affect our friendship. However, I now look at you with a little suspicion because you might be a communist! Sorry!

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