Bad day on the Street

15 09 2008

Wow!  What a day!  That is not a positive statement but rather one of mind blowing proportion.  I’m a portfolio manager for a major firm, one that just became 4 times as big today, and I have never experienced a day like today.  It’s not a pleasant feeling to see the money that you are responsible for take a hit like todays.  If you haven’t been paying attention, the Dow Jones Industrial ended over 500 points lower today.  The NASDAQ was down over 3% in one trading day.  Carnage would be the best way to describe it.  When we have days like today things are not that pleasant in the office.  There are a lot of slamming doors and raised voices saying words that aren’t repeatable.  But when it gets this bad people just kind of walk around in shock.  The phones never stop ringing.  Clients are calling wondering if I work for my firm or the firm that we just bought that was 4 times the size of mine!!  Then they see their numbers for the day and they are not happy to say the least. 

Lehman Brothers failed today and declared the largest bankruptcy in history.  This was the worst day on the stock market in over 7 years and that was the aftermath of 9/11.  Washington Mutual paper, bonds and corporate notes, have been lowered to junk status and AIG the insurance giant is asking the Fed for a $40 billion bridge loan so that they don’t become insolvent.  Merrill Lynch cashed out its chips before a fate similar to Lehman Bros. could befall it.  This of course is on the heels of the largest credit crisis that this country has ever seen.  In fact, the credit crisis is directly responsible for Lehman Bros. failing.  They took over $60 billion in losses from risky real estate ventures!  Not to long ago Bear Stearns, another giant on Wall Street, was bought out by JP Morgan just in time to keep from becoming insolvent.  It’s crazy and unlike anything that I’ve ever seen or anything that has happened in recent (50 years) history.

I juxtapose this day with the day that we had at church yesterday.  It was a day of victory, not defeat.  People throughout the congregation received great victory and you could see it in their eyes and on their faces.  If you could have seen the eyes of my co-workers, and probably myself, and seen the eyes of the saints of God yesterday the difference would have been startling.  I watched as people danced before the Lord, completely unaware of their surroundings, but giving themselves over to the moving of the Spirit.  It was absolutely incredible. To go from that spirit of triumph and victory to the feelings of doom and gloom that exist in my office today was such a difference. 

It made me glad that my hope is not in the temporal world but rather in an eternal God.  I may have lost in my retirement portfolio today, but yesterday I stored up in the only retirement portfolio that matters, Gods.   If I thought that I had to live in this world without the hope that I have, I don’t know what I would do.  Days like today emphasize that point to me.  It is so easy to lose sight of what is really important.  We work, we play, we go to church and sometimes we just lose sight of the important things.  I’m glad that I’ve got my eyes focused on what really matters in life!




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15 09 2008

Watched the stock market plummet today and thought about you out there in Cali. Here’s hoping that the worst is over, man. Will be praying for you in the coming days.

Thanks dude. It’s a little rough right now!

15 09 2008

I’m glad you have your eyes focused on what really matters too because it shows. That was awesome preaching yesterday! I am proud to be your Aunt and proud to have you as our assistant pastor. Hope your day is better tomorrow! 🙂

Thank you.

15 09 2008
Gene Holley

Well, the Cowboys won tonight- so that should help!

It did.

15 09 2008

Nathaniel, I thought of you today, also. Wow! I can’t imagine what you had to listen to as people saw their “life” change before their eyes. Being at church in the presence of God is what “real life” is all about, and I’m glad you had His presence to go with you to work today. Love You!

Thanks. It was not pleasant to tell them that there was nothing that I could do. Love you too.

15 09 2008
Karla Holley

Victory in the house of God!

Doom & Gloom at work!

Victory in Texas Stadium tonight!

I thought of you today, also – throughout the day and definitely tonight. LOL!

Seriously though, we know that God is in control of all things. I’m glad you had the service yesterday to fall back on today. Love you lots!

It’s so crazy. Great things and bad things all at the same time! Wow. love you lots too! See ya in a few weeks! Yea.

15 09 2008
Jana Allard

So are we headed to the biggest depression of all time? If it gets more worse, we might all have to move in to our church buildings. Guess we could run the aisles 24/7 then.. 🙂 I know your spirit is up and I hope the market soars soon, too. Jesus help us all!

I will not move into the church!! That sounds like a true depression! Ha.

15 09 2008
Jana Allard

P.S. “more worse.” I need to go back to school for grammar or typing! How about “much” worse?!?!?

I before E except after C and in special cases like neighbor and weigh! Ah, what am I saying. If it wasn’t for spell check I would look like the dumbest person alive. I absolutely can’t spell.

16 09 2008

Despite the market, it’s good to know that you have been investing in something much greater than eartly goods. Days like this remind me that my soul is all that matters to God. At the same time, I feel compassion for those that truly invest their time, energy, mind, and money in the stock market and have no true revelation of who God is.

So true. Preach it!

16 09 2008
Josh Tredway

I kept hearing this news on the XM yesterday and I thought about your post. Through everything God is still the same. No matter the stock market, the weather, the price of gas or the latest poll. God is the same yesterday, today and forever! If we keep our stock in Jesus, we will never be let down. This reminds me of a message I preached entitled “That Same Jesus”. As long as we remember that, That Same Jesus, has that same power…we can rest assured that everything is going to be alright.

Josh, that sounds like a great message. Thanks for the kind words.

16 09 2008

Wow! Than! You preached the pow-w-we-e-r down on Sunday! I miss your parents when they are gone, but I’m thankful we have you. 😀 Thank you so much for praying, fasting, and giving your life to Jesus so you can bless out church. I love and appreciate you so much.
P.S. And thanks for baptizing our girls! Yippee! Revival is in Hollister!

I loved baptizing “our girls”. We are definitely having revival and Sunday was so much fun!

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