Freedom….to be wrong?

17 09 2008

Recently a cartoon in the Washington Post has received a lot of criticism.  It was a negative depiction of Pentecostalism in general and the biblical practice of speaking in tongues in particular.  If you have not seen the cartoon you must have been living in Iceland.   I have been bombarded with requests to sign petitions, express my outrage to the Washington Post editorial board, etc.  I have signed the petitions and expressed my anger at what I feel to be an unfair depiction of the religion that I practice.  At best the cartoon is demeaning and out of touch with the reality of millions of Americans engaging in the practice of speaking in tongues.  At worst it is a flat out attempt to shame and make fun of a politicians religious practices.  This would never be acceptable if the cartoon was depicting derogatory comments about a person’s race or sex or sexual preferences. 

Obviously I am opposed to the sort of “journalism” that the Washington Post has practiced in publishing this despicable cartoon.  However, it is their right, guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States of America to publish this trash if they so desire.  In the same amendment that guarantees me freedom of religion, the press is guaranteed freedom from censorship and the right to free speech.   Freedom of speech is defined as the right to speak freely without censorship or limitation.  This is the theory that our country is based upon. 

So this is what I say to the Washington Post.  You have the right.  You have the right to publish anything you want.  However, your credibility, which hardly existed anyway, has been further besmirched.  America knows that people inside the Beltway have lost touch with reality anyway.  This is just further proof of how irresponsible the media has become.  The Washington Post is renowned for not checking its facts, rushing to judgement and printing erroneous information.  This reprehensible depiction of a persons protected religious choice is just another example of how callous and ignorant they have become of America.  I think that they truly believe that their “readers” represent America.  How wrong they are. 

This is my hope.  I hope that they continue with this garbage.  It will only hasten their impending demise.  To all of the liberal media:  Please continue!  You’re slowly but surely giving us our country back because you are so out of touch with reality that nobody even listens to you.  Well, outside of where I live nobody listens to you!




3 responses

17 09 2008
Kathy Bryant

As a member of the Apostolic church in Wichita Falls, I could not agree more Nathaniel! I am currently taking Government and my teachers has revealed that a California blog has even slung mud at Sarah Palin for supposedly speaking in tongues. I don’t think most of these people in politics even know what that is, very much less experienced it!!! But I definitely agree because if we have freedom of religion and it is considered a crime to discriminate race, gender, etc. then religion should not play a part in this upcoming election. Perhaps other personal details of the candidates private lives may, but certainly not this

17 09 2008

Totally agreed. We’re guaranteed freedom of religion, they’re guaranteed freedom of speech, the same freedom of speech that lets us petition, boycott, and tell them off too ;). In a Christian way… of course…

18 09 2008
Jana Allard

Great response to this issue.

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