22 09 2008

I love Fall.  It’s my favorite time of the year.  Football, leaves turning, crisp air and the smell of  the fireplace!  Ah!  So how did my fall start today?  Well I went to Starbucks, like I do almost every morning, and was assaulted by unimaginable smells.  The gentlemen standing in front of me smelled like an entire bottle of Drakker Noir had thrown up on him!  Wow, it was a good thing that I was car pooling this morning.  I couldn’t see through the blood pouring from my bleeding eyeballs!  What a way to start the fall!

I told you the Cowboys were going 19 and 0!  HAHA!

The ‘Horns aren’t looking to bad either!  And to make it all better, things are terrible in Aggieland!!  HA!

I’ve been a little pessimistic lately.  It’s pretty easy to fall into that trap when your job is like riding the “Flashback” at Six Flags.  Up and down.  Up and down. 

Enjoy your week.  I’ll be trying to avoid smelly at my local Starbucks.




One response

23 09 2008
Jana Allard

Reminds me of a song (that was probably on the radio before you were born) titled “Spinnin’ Wheel.”

Question – when a girl wears a whole bottle of perfume, people use the expression “…smelled like a French hooker…” So, how do you refer to a male that smells like a French hooker?!?!? Drakkar Noir???? Too strong of a scent when used sparingly. I might could handle it if he wore Prada or the original Chanel for Men.

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