Carnage and depression

29 09 2008

Is there anyway to start this day over?  What about being able to just stay in bed with the covers pulled up over the head?  No?  AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!  It’s very depressing to be me today.  First the Cowboys choke up one of the worst games in recent history yesterday and now the market wants to bungee jump except there may not be a bounce back for a long long time.   What is Congress thinking?  If we needed anymore proof that the people who run this country shouldn’t be able to get a job at you local 7/11, well, we now have it.  Warren Buffett, fairly successful gentlemen that he is, told Congress that if we didn’t get the bail out we could experience the worst financial crisis since a little happening called the GREAT DEPRESSION!!  Does Congress listen?  Of course not!  We should fire every single one of the the people who “represent” us in what has now become the biggest black hole in our country, Capitol Hill.   What do these people do?  Ah, I guess if you’re a multi-millionaire “serving” your country then you don’t really care about what’s happening on Main Street!  Nobody can buy a house, a car, and some are struggling to even buy groceries.  It is a sad sad day in this country when people have to choose between putting gas in their car and food on the table.   There is no easy fix, that’s for sure, but it sure would help the economy if we could unfreeze the credit market.  That was a huge part of the $700 billion bail out package.  I’m just as against giving these companies a free pass as anybody else, BUT, not at the risk of having the entire economy collapse.  And that is now a very clear and present danger.  What 9/11, war and a presidential election couldn’t do (ruin the economy), Congress in all of it’s brilliant hand wringing, has done! 

See all of you in line at the local soup kitchen.




One response

29 09 2008

What’s actually really bad is having to go to homes and find out that families are lacking utilities (gas, electricity, water) because they cannot afford to pay their bills. They have to pick and choose what gets paid and what doesn’t. Then of course with money tight domestic violence rates sky rocket, and the list goes on. Yay.

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