Messy life

6 10 2008

I have a very messy life right now.  It’s incredibly busy, incredibly stimulating and terribly awful, all at the same time.  I try to separate my professional life from my personal life.  I don’t like to take the days work home with me in the evening.  The fact that I have a 1 1/2 hour drive every evening usually helps me to decompress before I move on to “the other half of my life”.  Unfortunately with the bleak goings on in the world I inhabit from 6-5 every day I find myself unable to escape from what is going on in my office.  Things aren’t getting better.  There are no quick fixes right now.  The economy is going to go through some severe pain.  However, when we emerge from this current crisis, we will be better for it.  In the mean time it’s painful. 

We’re still getting ready for SWBC.  I would like to extend a personal invitation to anyone who reads this blog to come.  It’s just a few weeks away, Oct 23rd thru Oct. 25th.  I promise you that it will change your life.  Registration is only $50 and you can actually register at our church on the Thursday that it begins.  If you would like to pre-register you can visit  Once again, the cost is only $50, plus a couple of meals and your hotel expenses if you are coming from a distance. 

I had a friend tell me the other night that if you put a G in front of OBAMA that the entire state of Alabama would vote for him…..Get it……GO BAMA!!  I thought that was pretty funny!

I do believe that I have inherited my father’s penchant for spilling things on myself.  This morning I was opening a protein drink and spilled about half of it on my recently cleaned shirt.  Nothing like a milky white stain on your shirt for the balance of the day.  I just told people that I was burping our Market Administrator (she’s really small)!  People got a kick out of that!. 

Messy, busy…..FUN!




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