3 11 2008

It’s Monday and it’s raining.  Great!!  California maniacs, er people, have no clue how to drive in the rain.   So if you like playing slip and slide with the other 10 million people driving on our terrible roads come on out and join the fun!!  It is a great mystery to me how no one seems to realize that a nice sedate 55 mph is better than 35 or 85!  Grrrr!

If you hear that I have given myself over to worshipping false god’s don’t believe it.  However, there may be photographic evidence of me laying prostrate before a gas station sign!  I was not bowing I was knocked out!  We are finally below $3.00 a gallon!  I paid $2.91 at a Shell station the other day.  When gas what at its highest point, over $4, I was paying almost $1000 a month.  It’s amazing that I didn’t go completely insane!  Oh, wait………

I tried to swear off Starbucks. It’s all apart of the new Nathaniel!  I’m serious about saving money for the first time in my life.   Over the weekend I told myself that I wouldn’t go to Starbucks for my daily quad mocha and oatmeal (which is really good by the way).  Well, it lasted until about 8:30.  The first person who asked me to go and get coffee with them breached my defenses and I found myself standing in line paying for my $5 coffee!  Argh!  I didn’t get the oatmeal though.  Small steps, small steps.

One of my favorite sayings is, “Not so much”.  It is usually accompanied by a sarcastic smile and maybe a little shoulder shrug!  Example.  “Are you enjoying the election this year?”  Me, “Not so much”.  “Doesn’t getting your teeth pulled with no pain meds sound fun?”  Me, “Not so much.”   It works for so many situations when you are not really allowed to state your true feelings, (“Not only would I never do that but to even suggest such a stupid, idiotic, non-sensical, absolutely moronic idea proves to all of the world that you are and always have been a complete and utter….”) well, you get the idea!  Use it.  You’ll know what you mean and people will not feel so bad about you!  I love giving you these little tips.  It just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.  

While in Starbucks I saw an ad campaign that asked this question: What if we all cared as much all the time as we do on Nov. 4th?  That’s not the exact wording but it is pretty close.  That got me to thinking.  How many areas of our lives can we apply that simple question too? 

Speaking of warm and fuzzy, Bring on the Holidays baby!!  I can’t wait to gather around the fire and sing Kumbaya while wearing ridiculous holiday sweaters and sipping egg nog!  But if one more person says “Happy Holidays” I will punch them in face.  I mean right in the nose!  Just say Merry Christmas! 

Have a great week!




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3 11 2008

I am pleased to announce that gas in the armpit of California (aka Delano) is $2.49 for regular unleaded. I am also happy to report that I paid $23.45 to fill up my tiny specimen of a car.
Ps. Er. No tears about the Texas vs Texas-Tech game?!?!?!?!!?!?

Argh! Many tears were cried! If I can just get below $50 a tank I will be happy!!

4 11 2008

Well Bro. Nathan, here where we live in the beautiful state of Mississippi we are paying UNDER $2.00. I love reading your blog. Esther (Tena’s Mom)

The beautiful state of Mississippi? For under 2 bucks a gallon I might move!

4 11 2008

Gas was $2.39 @Chevron this am!! Yeah!! Salinas has 1 thing thats good. I filled my car up for $24.00 Ha! In your face devil!!! Bro. Than you need an expresso machine for Christmas. I can hear the bells of saving when you get one.. Cha Ching!!! Merry Christmas, The Cordovas

Merry Christmas!! I saw that in Salinas a few days ago! We just broke $3 a gallon in H town.

5 11 2008
Kassie Dutton

I am elated to say I paid $1.95 this week for gas! And in the midst of all the craziness in this world….I totally agree with the last paragraph. Still the most wonderful time of the year!!

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