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11 11 2008

Mug Shot of The Day (From The Smoking Gun)

Sigmund the Sea Monster goes to jail




5 responses

11 11 2008
James Wilder

It reminds me of a certain pastor in the NorthWest! (Of course he’s a good looking revivalist with a beautiful family now!)

12 11 2008
Jana Allard

Swim fast, Nemo!! Faster!!!!

13 11 2008
Anonymous Saint

I was offended by that picture. I don’t think you should post things that might be offensive to saints in your church-you even said so in one of your previous posts.

14 11 2008

James, that’s too funny!! :o)

18 11 2008

Bro. Than, I stop by here for my dose of random humor. Do you still have jet lag?? lol That pic is really ugly.. Good job on sunday for being tired and all!! Your killin your momentum here.. Lets get some randomness flowing!! Blessings, The Cordovas..

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