Home again, home again

19 11 2008

Wow!  I finally have some time to sit down and write about my insane weekend! 

It started at 3:45 am….well it should have started!  I hit snooze a couple of times to many.  This resulted in me almost not making my plane.  The ticket counter would not check me in and they would not check my bag.  So I had to run through the terminal carrying my bag which I was not planning on checking.   Of course the airport is in massive reconstruction so they drop you off a quarter mile from the area you need to be in when you take the long term parking shuttle, only have one security checkpoint, and then at 6 AM only have two of the lines open.  They took away my shaving cream, shampoo and starch.  Have you ever tried to run through the airport holding your shoes, your belt, holding your pants up while pulling a fully loaded suitcase and dodging people with little children who are oblivious to the danger of a 6’5″ 225 pound man running at full speed in his socks on a slick tile floor?  It should be an Olympic sport!  I would pay money to see how many people could skillfully negotiate that rather dangerous route!  Anyway, I made my plane.  I finally got some coffee in Denver at a great little coffee stand called Caribou Coffee.  Really really good stuff. 

I landed in Dallas at 1:22 pm.  Greg Henry, my older brother, (inside joke for all of you who don’t know) picked me up and we went straight to Heaven, er I mean Pappadeaux’s!  Oh my good Lord in Heaven!  I almost killed myself!  Within about thirty minutes of landing I was face down in a plate of cheese and oyster fondues loaded with shrimp and crawfish!  AHHH.  It was fantastic.  And then I added the crawfish trio etouffee, fried and some other kind of crawfish dish that was incredible.  I could barely stand up when I finished that HUGE dinner. 

We made it to Wichita Falls about 7:30 pm.  Late as usual because Greg took forever getting dressed.  Since it was the installation service of a family member I couldn’t just slip in and sit down on the back row.  Oh No!  We had to make the walk all the way down to the second row.  I really enjoyed the service though.  Bro. David Bernard did a fantastic job and as an added bonus it was short!!! 25 minutes.  Surely the presence of the Lord was in that place!  HA.  Anyway there was a great reception afterward with chocolate fountains, a live band and a myriad of different food and beverage choices.  It was really a lot of fun being able to see people that I hadn’t seen in 4 years or so.  In fact, I have some new cousins that are 3 years old that I had never seen before. 

Saturday was a big dinner at the Roadhouse.  That poor poor waitress!  There was a lot of peanut throwing, yelling children and loud boisterous conversation.  It was a blast to sit at the “kids” table and just chat.  Of course the “kids” are all either close to 30 or over 30 with children!  In some cases multiple children.  No, not me!  haha.  We talked about how we will always be the kids no matter how old we will get.  It was a crazy, fun, loud time! 

I woke up at 3 am PST to get on an airplane in Dallas and fly home.  I made it home at around 10:30, got my bags and headed off to Hollister.  I made it home after a quick stop at In and Out and got dressed and made my way to church just in time to preach!  We had an awesome service!  I was exhausted and made it to bed about 9 that night! Wow, what a wild and crazy weekend.  It was so much fun and I vowed not to let it be 4 years before I see everybody again.




3 responses

19 11 2008
Karla Holley

Nathaniel, I am extremely glad you were here! Thanks for making the long trip – even for less than a 24 hour visit! Love you tons!!

20 11 2008
Jana Allard

Sounds exhausting, but I’m glad you got to be there for the installation service.

20 11 2008
Gene Holley

Thanks for all the time, expense and exhaustion you put into being here in Wichita Falls! We really enjoyed you being here.

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