random little nuggets of goodness

2 12 2008

Things I love:

1. Words and books.  I absolutely love to read.  I will read almost anything (within reason).  I was reading earlier this morning and I came across this very descriptive phrase. “He was as fearless as a hungry crocodile in a muddy river.”  That instantly evokes some pretty awesome imagery.  Can you imagine that?  In your mind is a pretty good idea of what that means.  There is nothing fancy.  No 25 cent words there but still….

2. California.  And the people that live here.  Let me set the scene for you.  Here in San Jose yesterday it was about 55 degrees and very foggy all day long.   There wasn’t much wind but it was a little chilly.  I was walking to get some food and I realized that everybody, and I do mean everybody, was bundled up like we were living in the Arctic.  I heard little snippets of conversation complaining about how “bitterly cold and wet” it was.  Ha!  Normally we live in an almost perpetual state of 75 and sunny but the last couple of days its been foggy and chilly!  I’m actually really enjoying the clouds.  To much sunshine is depressing!

3. My church.  Church has been more awesome than normal lately and that is really saying something.  Pretty cool stuff going on around The Pentecostal Church.  I just noticed that the website now has over 3 million hits on it.  That is just slightly more than I have had here on this blog. 

4. The Holiday season.  This is my favorite time of year.  I know it may be cliched but it’s still true.  I’m not a Scrooge like some of my friends…raise your hand down there in Louisiana, Mr. Dean.  People are more friendly, the music is fantastic.  I love Christmas trees and decorations.  From now until January 1st is just almost perfect. 

5. My iPod.  I have trashed some of my old music.  Some of that stuff I’m not even sure how it got on there.  Little ninjas were sneaking into my iPod at night and putting “music” on there.  I would be sitting here in my office and all of the sudden something would come on that would make my ears bleed!  No seriously, really awful terrible stuff.  However, I have donned my Superman shirt and worked tirelessly to purge this really awful terrible stuff off of said iPod.  Now while playing on shuffle I am constantly uplifted by the wonderful music that continually flows from my little stereo to my ears.  For all of you who scoff at the marvelous invention that is the iPod surely you are living in the 18th century.  What could be better than having 3000 songs in the palm of your hand?  Only salvation I say!

5. God.  He continually blows my mind. 

6. Life.  It just keeps getting better and better.




3 responses

2 12 2008
Jana Allard

You could have written this post for me with the exception of #5. I have not entered the world of the iPod. I know, I’m old. I just can’t stand ear buds. For me, I would replace #5 with silence. Yes, I am somwhat weird. But……there are times when I just love to sit in silence and hear the hum of the refrigerator, an occasional bird chirp, or the sound of the wind howling in the fireplace.

5 12 2008

Than, I thought of YOU as soon as I saw that Word.press was changing again! Ha! Are you as confused as I am? Now I have to THINK in order to do anything on my blog. Sigh…hopefully we will all get used to it soon. Have a great “winter in California” day! 🙂 Love ya.

15 12 2008
James Wilder

What has changed? Maybe because mine is launched from a webserver it’s a little different. Blogger has really made things a lot easier. I’ve seen blogger templates now that duplicate the sleekness of WP.

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